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  2. I am sure your magnificant cats rarely come in for rescue or rehoming, but I would very much like to keep in touch. I can show you a video of my home and am willing to visit if a big kitty needs help in finding help in a quiet, attentive loving home . It would be a dream come true for me. I have not found a way to get the word out for applying for foster and/ rescue of exotic cats. Please let me know of any in need, Thanx so much! Penny

  3. I have been in rescue many years. My last 2 cats were a Maine Coon and an F3b Savannah. I love the big guys and have the perfect home and lots of time for any rescue or returned kitty.Please consider me if any should come up for re-homing.
    I support cat rescue in the Caribbean on the island of Roatan.Thanx so much!

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