Mokave Cats

by Nora Scholin
(Jacksonville, Florida)

Mokave Cat at 3 yrs, and 28 lbs.

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Mokave Cat at 3 yrs, and 28 lbs.

For almost nine years I've been developing a new breed of cat called the Mokave Jag Cat. I've uploaded a photo of one of my biggest males for you to look at, but you might want to visit my website at Mokave Cats to see more photos and videos. (I think you'll be surprised how large and exotic looking they are! 🙂

Here's another picture of the Mokave Jag Cat (pronounced mo ka vee):

Mokave Jag Cat

And you can see a video by clicking on the following link (a window pops up with the option to play the video in a media player, usually Widows Media Player):

Mokave Jag Cat

Some information about this cat:

  • they are bred for a wild look and a gentle temperament
  • they are smart, very fast and agile and unusually affectionate
  • they are designed to resemble miniature jaguars
  • the video (click on link above) shows the "twist" ears
  • the Mokave cats have soft pelts, two-toned rosettes or tri-colored marble patterns and thick tails
  • they are bigger than most domestic cats
  • I also produce snows: Snow Mink and Seal Lynx Point

Nora Scholin

My site tells you more.

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Mokave Cats

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Oct 08, 2009 Thanks for sharing
by: Michael

Hi Nora, thanks a lot for sharing and showing us your Mokave cats. I added a bit to your post. I hope that was OK. I did it so that it is found better by Google and so that the page formats a bit better.

I you want to upload your video to say Google or YouTube you can then embed it into your website or on to the this page so that it can be played here (streamed) rather than be downloaded. Just tell me if you want some help on that.


6 thoughts on “Mokave Cats”

  1. I am sure your magnificant cats rarely come in for rescue or rehoming, but I would very much like to keep in touch. I can show you a video of my home and am willing to visit if a big kitty needs help in finding help in a quiet, attentive loving home . It would be a dream come true for me. I have not found a way to get the word out for applying for foster and/ rescue of exotic cats. Please let me know of any in need, Thanx so much! Penny

  2. I have been in rescue many years. My last 2 cats were a Maine Coon and an F3b Savannah. I love the big guys and have the perfect home and lots of time for any rescue or returned kitty.Please consider me if any should come up for re-homing.
    I support cat rescue in the Caribbean on the island of Roatan.Thanx so much!


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