Molly & Maisey – more cat than meets the eye

Hi guys – Danielle from Ark on the Edge here. Well, well, well stupid me thinking there used to be a kitten season and after my last article about the 11 black and white brigade kittens that we had, were all successfully rehomed just after new year and are doing fantastically well. And I thought that would be it for kittens until the autumn – oh, how wrong could I be.

Just a couple of weeks after the black and white brigade found homes, we had a special admission – meet Molly; she is a 2 year old female tabby who came into us HEAVILY pregnant, after her owner was moving and could not take her with her – sadly though, this would be Molly’s third litter!!! Third and last as we spay when babies are old enough.

Well, waiting for Molly to have her babies was like waiting for the royal baby! She hung on and on and on and it seemed that the whole of the North East of England were waiting with baited breath.


One Thursday morning, Molly was exceptionally uncomfortable and crying excessively and it soon became clear that she was in labour, she started around 11am, and then baby number one made an appearance! Just after 1pm, a tabby just like mummy, half an hour later, baby 2 arrived, another tabby.

And then it wasn’t until 3pm that baby number 3 arrived and half an hour later baby number 4 – another 2 tabbies. Molly did struggle giving birth to the final 2 and for a few moments we thought we were going to have to intervene – but in the end Molly managed.


Baby number 1 – receiving a wash from mum xx


A couple of hours after they were born


1 day old!


1 day after they were born. Proud mummy x

Babies were 2 boys and 2 girls and within 24 hours of being born, one of our volunteers reserved the 2 boys for homes and then a couple of days after that a lovely lady came to see the 2 girls and even better she wanted to give molly a home aswell!!!!!! So 2 boys – Joe and Harry will be heading off to a home five minutes away from us with a volunteer and 2 girls Tinker and Belle will be going to a home with their mum. What a good outcome!!!


1 week old


3 week birthday xx

Not 2 weeks after Molly gave birth we took in another heavily pregnant female called Maisey – she hasn’t given birth as yet but again, we are waiting with baited breath as it can’t be much longer – poor Maisey is only 18 months old and we know that this is her 2nd litter at least!! I will let you know when Maisey’s babies arrive – but the good news is that Maisey and one of her babies have already been reserved for a home together!!!!!

Just waiting on Maisey’s babies now

Just waiting on Maisey’s babies now

Speak to you all soon.


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Molly & Maisey – more cat than meets the eye — 22 Comments

        • Amazing. So happy for them.
          Every once in a great while I wish some wonderful home would adopt me too.
          But, then I remember, I’ll be in another “home” soon enough.

          • Oh Dee I hope not for a long time if you mean what I think you do!
            You are much needed yet on this Earth, we haven’t enough ‘Dees’ x

            • No, I was thinking of a nursing home. Would, probably, escape in my wheelchair to feed and tend to cats. They would come after me with the nets!
              I really have a dream day that I want but have to be careful about saying. I hooked up my daughter here at POC so don’t want to divulge. She’s busy working fulltime and has 3 stepchildren, but she still may see it one day and try to make it happen for me.

  1. As always babies go fast but from 6 months onwards take a bit longer – we got two ten years olds in ed and socks just want homes for them xx

  2. I’ve even got a couple of people put their names down if people drop out even after I said these people 100% wanted these babies –
    Ruth at the mo might be best getting her name down for the next set and then she gets contacted we have a lovely little five month old black ans white boy coming in and a very young mum and daughter coming in xx

  3. A colleague of Babz was too late for both sets of babies, all spoken for already!!
    You are all amazing at the Ark!

  4. simply gorgeous even worth getting my daughter out of school to witness Danielle lol x x amazing work by an amazing team x

  5. Maisey has four babies – a ginger, a ginger and white, a peach and a silver tabby
    Some mums (particularly the tabbies and torties find homes a lot faster than black and white mums xxx ps Maisey and her 4 babies already had homes at about 10 hours old xx

  6. Maisey has four babies – a ginger, a ginger and white, a peach and a silver tabby
    Some mums (particularly the tabbies and torties find homes a lot faster than black and white mums xxx

    • Wow you guys do a wonderful job – I can’t believe how you have managed to adopt out so quickly. The kittens are beautiful. I love tabby kittens. 🙂 Thanks for Sharing 🙂

  7. Lovely photos and it was like actually being there seeing it all through Danielle’s beautifully written story. I know Maisey has by now given birth but I will let Danielle come back and tell us all about it 🙂

  8. I’m so impressed and amazed at how fast homes have been reserved for so many.
    That just doesn’t happen where I’m at.
    Sure, maybe a couple of kittens but never the mums.
    It just has to be different cultural mindsets. What else could it be?
    It has nothing to do with business or marketing skills, etc.

    • I don’t know why but recently mums have been finding homes faster than babies – I think a lot more people around here are much more aware of the fact kittens go quick as everyone wants them but mums struggle and personally I’ve found that it’s the human mums that make the decision to take the kitty mum rather than her babies xx

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