Molly our British Shorthair

Molly our British Shorthair

by Schula
(Teddington, UK)

Molly our British Shorthair

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Molly our British Shorthair

Molly our British Shorthair is particularly lovely. Very playful although she is 9, and also very loving. She enjoys the company of humans and will follow me around the house to observe what I am doing. She is also keen to seek affection and is happy sitting next to my lap in the evening rather than on my lap!

She spends a lot of time sleeping and will be very vocal during the night even though she has free rein around the house. This can be quite disturbing as she tends to wake everyone with her yelling.

She is frequently seeking affection and will roll on her back inviting others to tickle her belly. She is very curious and will dive into any cupboard or drawer that remains open.

During the summer her hair sheds a great deal but enjoys having her fur brushed every few days.


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Molly our British Shorthair

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Jul 07, 2009
Molly and her Weight
by: Anonymous

I agree, Molly is a little chubby, as she does not like to venture off to much, so cannot shed the weight as other cats might. However, as someone has observed, she is very muscular and has large paws and a large face but is balanced out with beautiful copper eyes and a little pert nose.

She is a sensible eater and as she is 9 she is prone to put on a little weight. She is very calm and chilled cat a delight to have in the home.

Yes, her fur is very thick which sheds a great deal.

Jul 05, 2009
British and beautiful
by: Finn Frode

No, Molly doesn't look particularly obese to me. Brits aren't supposed to be lightweight cats and the broad face also makes them look chubbier. Besides that - at 9 years a cat should be allowed to carry a bit of extra weight... She's beautiful. 😉

About the fur - the supposedly short hair races do shed a lot of hair. Our semi-longhaired Norwegian Forrest cat hardly needs brushing at all, while the shorthaired moggie needs almost daily attention. Her fur is short, but very thick and spreads all over the house.

Jul 03, 2009
Molly the cat
by: Rudolph.a.Furtado

Molly looks very obese, reminds me of my own 3 month persian kitten matata who is obese and a glutton.

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