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  1. This was expected of me in high school in the early 80s, several counties over from Culpeper. My mother wrote a scathing letter and I was allowed to do other work instead. It did not prevent the dissections in general, though. It is disgusting and immoral to have this done in school unless it is an educational track geared toward veterinary medicine. I am in my 50s now and there is not one aspect of my life that would have been improved by being forced to dissect a cat. In fact, I dare say it would have made a negative impact. I am highly sympathetic with the suffering of animals – I would even say somewhat empathic – and I would have been emotionally scarred. Just having seen the stack of dead cats in boxes in my teacher’s office messed me up.

    • Very well said, Frankie. Thank you sharing. I think most people would agree with you. I can’t understand how schools can do this. It just seems to be a massive oversight about the sensitivities of children. Of course, some children won’t mind at all but the majority I believe will.

  2. Well it seems I’m being trolled here and on the website Picture Of Cats,I replied to a post about cats being dissected in schools and got a notice in my email I had a reply to my comment,I could if I wanted could go on a rant but ye know wot I wont because whomever ye are is only trying to paint me as a horrible pet parent,a scammer for asking for help through campaigns for my pets and I love ye false allegations,ye are either still here on my page or ye seeked me out after I had ye banned from this page and ye have more than 1 fb page so as ye can troll and spew ye lies,I have nothing to hide from anyone and ye must be so bored and unhappy in ye own personal life that ye just have to try and bring others down to ye level,well good luck with that,I may never find out who ye are but someone is watching ye activites and one day it will come back to bite ye where it will count.

    • Something that I’ve heard a few times in my life, Irish…

      Question: What can you do with a whirling dervish?
      Answer: Just let him whirl

      Ignore Woody. He’s mindless and meaningless.

      • You are correct of course. We should ignore Woody. It is a weakness of mine that I wish to try and educate him! I feel I need to defend the cat and criticise him but more often than not I ban him and delete his comments and ultimately the comments of his followers if those followers are not in fact Woody himself.

    • You probably realise that I have banned these trolls. They pop up from time to time. They are difficult to control but eventually and quite quickly, in point of fact, they are banned. I hope that you do not take things personally. Trolls by nature wish to upset people and the best way to beat them is not to be upset.

  3. Because when you take your cat in to have it sterilized or have a bowel-obstruction operated on or have its leg pinned from being broken by a moving car or caught from in a fan-blade … its so much better if we all get to first practice these techniques your live cats.


    (Just another nail in the coffin to make all pet-ownership illegal worldwide. LOL)

  4. It appears that there are no laws disallowing dissection in public schools. However, several states have adopted what is called The Student Choice Law that, presumably, gives any child K-12 the right to not participate without fear of reprisal (HA! HA!). I was further shocked to learn that even live animal experimentation is going on in classrooms for kids aged 5 to 18. In the Florida Statute, I found this sentence, ” The Legislature recognizes that the use of live animals in some kinds of experiments by students in grades K through 12 may be distasteful or traumatizing to immature students.” So, it’s saying that the child must be immature who doesn’t accept this insanity!
    I’m disgusted by this and can hardly believe that this is still happening.

    • Firstly, Dee, thank you for spotting this petition and telling me about it. Secondly, thank you for your interesting comment. There seems to be a lack of sensitivity in some schools and educational authorities towards the feelings of students. I’m sure some students don’t mind dissecting cats but there is almost bound to be at least one or two students (and I would say more) who will be upset by it and surely teachers should give these children the option to opt out or better still they should find alternatives in using modern technology.

  5. I really do not know what to put first.

    It was proved by extensive studies that vivisection (usually done on frogs) contributes in no positive way to a child’s better understanding of anatomy. On the contrary, it alienates children from the medical vocation, not a surprise given any child’s inborn repulsion towards cruelty, let alone playing with animal entrails (the above does not apply for students of medical or veterinarian school, for reasons too trivial to enumerate; age in the first place).

    Dissecting a dead cat is equally disturbing; allow me speculate that similar causes lead to similar effects; to expect the contrary is simply asinine.

    I have the urge to call the school’s policy hitleresque, but I realize that Hitler himself imposed some laws in Nazi Germany against animal cruelty and sadistic school experiments, in particular.

    The trauma suffered by many children as a result of such experiments is irreversible. The horrific images haunt them for the rest of their lives. Maybe children have a special sensitivity, but most probably it is we who have lost the normal sensitivity. Either way, subjecting children indiscriminately to such an ordeal is criminal.

    Which brings up the question whether the school’s policy is legal in the US Commonwealth of Virginia.

    I am lost.

    • Thank You for commenting. Your comment is interesting and you have a complete abhorrence, by the sound of it, of dissecting animals including cats in the classroom. And I tend to agree with you and think along the same lines as you. I remember when I was at school doing biology we did dissect a frog, I think it was. That was back in the 1960s. Even then we did not dissect cats. It seems to be very old-fashioned. It seems to be an old-fashioned concept and outdated. Schools have developed since then and become more aware. You would have thought they would have progressed a little more in respect of finding ways and means of educating children in the anatomy of animals.

        • I suppose that the point you are making, obliquely, is that humans eat meat and in doing so the animal has to be killed and skinned. You are saying that that is no different to a teenage girl being requested to skin the carcass of a domestic cat in the classroom. Personally, I see a complete difference in the two. The differences are almost too numerous to enumerate. The obvious difference that in the first instance professionals are killing livestock to government standards in abattoirs to feed people whereas a teenage girl has been asked to strip the skin from a dead cat that could have been a pet. The girl is not a professional. The girl is sensitive to these things. There is no need to have this sort of anatomy class where dissection takes place. I could go on but I won’t because the differences are so obvious and to make a comparison as you have is foolish and shows a complete lack of awareness and clear thinking.

        • Love it when people compare cats to cows. I happen to be vegan but telling someone that eating a burger is the same thing as a child cutting up a companion animal for a grade is ridiculous. Recent studies say the brain is not fully developed until age 25. Do we really need to encourage children to perform gruesome acts to learn absolutely nothing? No. We already know what is inside of these animals so the information can be pasted on in other ways.

          • Well said, Mary. I totally agree with you as you no doubt know. It is ridiculous, as you say, to compare eating livestock and dissecting cats in the classroom. However, this is the kind of desperate measures that cat hating people resort to, to try and get their point over. They look stupid. They are stupid.

  6. I’m signing and sharing the petition,this is vile and disgusting,my youngest was given an F for not dissecting a pig in her Jr year which was bullshit.

    • Oh, this is a must-read for ANYONE that is associated with this….

      This comment has been deleted because it insults a regular contributor to this website. I will not allow other visitors to insult regular visitors. If you go on writing this sort of comment you will be banned and I have made that clear before in the past on numerous occasions. (Admin)

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