Momma dog fought off a leopard that attacked her puppy (video)

This is a cool video. It is very short and has a happy ending which is pleasant. I am bit surprised that the leopard ran off so lamely bearing in mind that leopards prey on dogs in India on a grand scale.

The leopard is larger than this dog and more capable of inflicting injury I’d have thought.

One wag on reddit writes:

“I’m pretty sure the leopard came back to apologize and is now best friends with the dogs.”

and in response:

“It’s true. There’s another video where they’re all eating Cheetos together.”

The comments fit the action in the video. You will find too that leopards not infrequently wander around suburbs in India mixing with people which is not a good idea from the leopard’s standpoint as they invariably get killed by a hoard of people. Why should leopards prowl around human settlements? I guess it is because they have to in order to find food. Their prey is probably killed by humans and their historical home ranges and habitat have been encroached upon by the citizens of India which is highly populated. The two, leopards and humans, are forced together thanks to human behavior.

India is projected to be the most populus nation by 2024; no space for the leopard, tiger and other iconic wild species. Just space for the human.

India population growth
Global growth: India is on track to be the world’s most populous nation (Source: UN Population Division medium variant projections)
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The event is not recent. It was shown on an Indian TV show.

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