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Monroe woman charged with animal cruelty and abandonment after dumping medical needs cat — 21 Comments

  1. I did not see any update on Samson. I have been following Laura since he was lost, his story so captivated me. We were all praying for him. He was found! It’s a year ago! He is in a loving home and is a gorgeous boy! That poor boy must have been suffering so much. he had stones! And he has his own Facebook page.

    • Thanks Celeste. I’ll see if I can write an update today. In fact I’ll add your comment to the article.

    • Been sighted near a cornfield but ran. Traps have been set. I’m just hoping no one gets lost walking the cornfield.

  2. *PRAYERS* for innocent, blameless SAMPSON to be found, successfully treated, and rehomed to a loving permanent home where he will receive the very best care and loyal love for life.

    And for the heartless, soulless devil that did this, you are a shame to the human race and I pray you receive the maximum sentence allowable by law, and that Justice finds you, as it surely will in due time, if not on this earth by someone with nothing to lose, then certainly in the time to come. NO ONE escapes this Justice.

  3. Poor dear sweet Sampson! I hope he’s found ASAP! And I hope she’s prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law & gets her ass whipped daily!!!! 👿👿👿👿

  4. I just found her address. When I saw the poor cat was dumped in Monroe,Union County I knew it was bad. I hope that poor kitty will be ok and is found today. I hope she gets in a lot of trouble and has to stay in jail. To the people who are threatening her,stop please. Go to that area and help look for him. I use to live in Mooresville,NC and now I am in disgusting Elko,Nevada If I were in North Carolina I would be helping them daily. Contact Morgan Fogarty of WCCB TV. Morgan to the Rescue is one of her FB pages.

  5. I can’t believe it! If we think about attitudes toward animals prevalent in NC even a few years ago, this is an amazing development. The many small steps made by rescuers, educators, veterinarians, government officials, advocates, & ordinary citizens are starting to show results. You can even draw a connection with findings about the health benefits of companion animals — their value is being recognized. But often it’s still one step forward and two in reverse –we need to build on this change in consciousness. Are we ready for an actual movement?

    • Great point. There will be change in the right direction with continual chipping away at the wrong attitude towards animal welfare.

  6. P.S. I think I have seen this face before. I can’t find it on this site though. I have a feeling we have written about here before.

    • I blocked her address in the photo. I’ve known her name for several days but I don’t post names until I have a media source or a police blotter record.

      • I was wondering if she has been involved in another case of cat cruelty. I searched but failed to confirm that.

  7. Great news and many thanks for the speedy update Elisa. It seems that the police saw sense. Maybe my article about making a complaint helped 😉 – just joking.

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