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Large Maine Coon picture

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A slightly strange picture, this one. It is not good quality. I don’t think the photographer will mind me saying that – this is a cleaned up version by the way.

What I like about it,  despite the image quality, is the sort of fishy look about his coat. His coat would seem to be the classic look of the mackerel tabby, named after the mackerel fish that has a striped pattern on its scales.

He looks a bit monster-like. We have to remember that this is a domestic cat. I know my domestic cats don’t look like this.

You can see how long Maine Coons are. This is one of their special characteristics. You may remember that the world’s longest domestic cat is a Maine Coon called Stewie. I think that title is a bit artificial and I am sure that there are other Maine Coons, including this cat, who are as long is not longer. The Maine Coon is probably the largest domestic cat other than the first filial wildcat hybrids.

The Maine is quite a rangy, lanky cat under that shaggy mop of fur.

The picture of this Monster Maine Coon at a cat show is copyright Little Baby Zorak all rights reserved. If you’d like to use it please ask the photographer first.

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