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  1. Thanks, Rose. One of Monty’s nicknames is “Beautiful.” I don’t understand the reluctance to adopt black cats at all. They are beautiful. The Cat Network has been adopting out quite a few black ones. Monty’s half brother Zach got adopted. His mom was adopted quite awhile ago now. They were both jet black cats, like Monty. However, they still have a lot of black cats over there.

  2. Monty is a real beauty and I love black cats well I love white cats and ginger cats and all cats lol but I have 2 black rescue cats right now difficult to rehome oh well they can just stay and enjoy life with our gang,no colour bar here.

  3. He’s a beautiful cat I love his shiny coat and I think his name suits him well! I adore Black cats I think they have cattitude!! I have had many Black cats over the years and realy can’t understand why some people don’t like them and think they are unlucky, its a bit like racism isn’t it? to dislike because of the colour of their skin/coat πŸ™

    • My sister named him, I can’t take credit. I called her at work and told her to come into my apartment to meet this little black kitten I found when she got home from work. But I said that I just didn’t know what to name him. “Why don’t you call him Monty?” she says immediately, just like she’d been pondering it for days– but she couldn’t have known. So we called him Monty and it is the perfect name for him.

      • Come to think of it, maybe she was pondering it for days. My husband initially had me take Monty to animal control. He didn’t want a cat and I couldn’t get Monty to eat, so he said it would just be better to get him over there, they would know what to do. In the meantime I talked a lot about the kitten I found and wished I could keep. Finally Jeff relented and I went back for him. So maybe Jen anticipated that would happen and had been selecting a name all week. Also, she probably did meet Monty before she named him because she had seen three kittens eating a dead bird in front of our house one evening. She was afraid to take them away from their mom, they seemed pretty small but she did bring out some of Kobe’s food for them. When the food was gone one of the cats sat in the food bowl. I like to think that was Monty.

    • can’t understand why some people don’t like them and think they are unlucky, its a bit like racism isn’t it?

      Maybe you have hit on something subliminal there. I have no idea. I think the dislike for black cats goes all the way back to witchcraft – the dark ages, medieval Britain and Europe. Crazy humans.

  4. Yay – Monty! He looks just like a 4 legged Charlie and my Lilly πŸ™‚ I love black cats they are so beautiful. It’s so nice to see everbody elses cats. Ruth you have such a perfect backyard it looks like. Nice and big and with a high fence around it. Thanks for sharing Monty with us – he looks like a very sweet boy who is lucky to have found you and a good life as an ex feral cat πŸ™‚ Well done for taking him in and looking after him πŸ™‚

    • It’s nice that we have three black cats. It makes me feel warm and cozy πŸ˜‰ LOL. It does, though, produce a kind of connection between them. If they were related (very distantly) I’d believe in a God and anything you wanted me to believe in.

      • Michael, you made me laugh! Charlie is part Siamese, but I don’t know that Monty would have those genes. His meow is very different from Charlie’s. Monty will even purr to ask for something. Or he’ll sit by me and give me a look that says he’s absolutely weak from hunger. He can pull it off even with a full belly. He also imitates the soft meows he did as a baby kitten. I call it his “starving baby kitten meow” and he can pull that off on a full belly also. Charlie seems to be more loud and demanding, whereas Monty is demanding but more subtle about it. Subtle but effective. He has me wrapped around his little paw.

        • Charlie seems to be more loud and demanding, whereas Monty is demanding but more subtle about it.

          You’re right, they can’t be relations πŸ˜‰ What a shame. They look so alike. I’ll have to remain as a “questioning atheist”.

          I’m glad I made you laugh. The thought made me smile. I want some magic in my life.

    • Thanks, Marc. Monty loves it back there. He never tries to go over the fence. He would go through if there were any gaps so we closed them all up and Jeff put in a removable section of fence between the back porch and the garage. Not only does he not go over the fence, he has a certain pattern he follows out there. If I don’t come out right away I usually know about where he will be. He checks out the whole perimeter and climbs certain trees. If he’s out a long time he goes around again or he’ll pick a good sunny spot and sit there for a long time.

  5. What a lovely article and videos about Monty, a very special cat.
    He is so very handsome and look at that shiny coat!
    I’m so glad you rescued him Ruth, he is repaying you a thousand times over by the love and fun he has brought with him.
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all cats, including those born feral, had such a happy life πŸ™‚

    • I agree Ruth, the overriding impression I get from the stories of Monty by his mom is how perfect (almost) a life it is for a domestic cat. I don’t think it could be much better. It is a combination of many things. Monty is a pretty cautious cat it seems to me, which helps keep him safe and the garden is lovely. Perfect for a cat. Of course, his human companion is not bad either :D.

      • Thanks, Michael. Thanks again for your hard work making this page. The video was just shot with my I-phone. We have a video camera but since my phone takes videos I hardly ever use it. I think the video as you edited it turned out wonderfully. Monty really does look like Charlie, especially where he is shown climbing up against me to give me a good sniffing. I like where he rubs against my legs. I’m definitely his human.

        • I am pleased to learn that you filmed him with an iPhone. Can you film when holding the phone horizontally – landscape position? It may be the case that when the phone is held in the conventional position, vertically, that the video material comes out vertical and all videos are actually horizontal. It isn’t important. I see Charlie in Monty. Even that wedge shaped profile (front to back) is the same and the skinny tail.

          The still images are much easier than the videos. I can do a still image collage like this in 30 mins. The video takes 3 hours πŸ˜‰ Far more technical.

          • My husband says yes, I could have filmed holding the camera horizontal. I just never thought about it before. He also says editing videos and doing photo collages is easier and less time consuming on his computer. He has a Mac, don’t ask me which one, but Jeff is always saying that Apple’s products and software are more user friendly. His first computer was an Apple IIe.

            • I learned all my movie making skills (copious amounts ;)) using Sony Vegas, which is very capable software but windows based. I use a 17″ MacBook Pro all the time except for video making when I use a Sony PC. That is it. Once you have learned one type of video making software you have got to stick to it because it is so darned complicated. Vegas allowed me to crop and rotate your video, for example, and lighten it. Most simple software can’t do that sort of stuff.

              • I think the Mac software can do all those things and it’s easy to use, according to my husband. He says Apple has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to graphics and video editing and if people are planning on doing a lot of that a Mac is what they should use.

  6. “Monty in the snow’ is a classic photograph and the video of Monty walking in the snow is a semblance of a miniature panther.Cats are the closest domesticated pets that are carbon copy’s of the wild big cats.a beautiful video.

    • Yes, Monty does remind me of a black panther walking along a trail looking for his next prey πŸ˜‰ Often people mistake large black domestic cats for black panthers! “The Beast of Bodmin Moor” in England is one example.

      • My neighbor Dick said that Monty looks like a panther when he first saw him. He then asked me to catch the striped kitten for him. I wasn’t able to. I wish often that I had Monty’s siblings with us. They may have moved on, joined a larger feral cat colony, or they may have perished from any one of the multitude of hazards faced by stray and feral cats. I just try to give Monty the best life that I can and reflect that his siblings, whether in life or death, are held in God’s hands. The God who loves Monty and I loves them too.

        • It’s a great story because Monty started out in a tough place and now he’s in paradise πŸ˜‰ I wish I was as lucky. His character is probably somewhat based on his feral cat early life.

  7. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to Monty, Michael! You really brought out his personality. I like how you included both videos I sent you– the one with the puddle and the one where he is walking around in the tracks made by my skis in the back yard. Monty and I are outside now– finally a dry day, but cold. I should have worn a coat. I had to physically put Monty outside, but now that he’s out here he is having a good time despite the cold. It’s above freezing but not by much. On this same date in 1984 or ’85 I was swimming in Lake Delton. I don’t think the ice is all off this year. I’m hoping for more warmth and sunshine for Monty and I. He’s more tolerant of snow than he used to be, but only after I pack down trails for him with my skis.
    Thanks again, Michael! Oh, and there was one article before Monty’s Paradise describing how I caught him and adopted him. Then later when we began enjoying outside adventures together I wrote the second article.

    • It was my pleasure to do this page. Your Monty’s Paradise page has always stuck in my mind. I think the reason is the title and the fact that you write such good English. It is a pleasure to read.

      I think this is the page you are referring to:


      I had forgotten it because Monty’s Paradise blanked it out!

      On a technical note, your videos presented vertically, like a vertical letter-box, so I decided to make then fill the frame by cropping the frame (zooming in). I think it works better. I also lightened the video a bit because Monty is jet black. Do you video with an iPad or a device like that?

      You know, when I saw Monty I saw Charlie and how he would have looked with four legs.

    • The picture above has his tail straight up! He apparently doesn’t always hold it in a curled, kinked up position!

      • Thanks for that but it seems Monty has a bit of a habit of letting it curl over at the top. The picture above is side on. Monty curls his tail laterally rather than down the body so in the picture you can’t tell if the tail is curled πŸ˜‰

      • Cat tails say lots of things: the cuddle (tail wrapped around another cat), feeling things and they are a rich source of cat body language.

        I’d better get the cat body language dictionary out and work what “The Monty” is saying πŸ˜‰

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