Monty: Ruth’s Feline Companion

This is a little celebration of an assistant to an important contributor to PoC, Ruth (Monty’s Mom). Monty is Ruth’s companion and her “little ex-feral cat”. He is a charming black cat who is the spitting image of my Charlie except for the extra leg. Charles is a three-legged cat.

Monty - Ruth's Feline Companion
Monty – Ruth’s Feline Companion
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I have no difficulty remembering Ruth’s first article about Monty, which was published three and a half years ago. It is one of the articles, amongst the thousands on PoC, that stands out. It is called Monty’s Paradise, which is Ruth’s yard.

Even though Monty looks happy messing around in the snow he is not always in the mood. Sometimes he has a look on his face which says, “I want nothing to do with any more of this stupid, cold, wet, nasty weather.” So says Ruth.

I know how much Ruth and Monty enjoy spending time together in their paradise garden. I am just grateful that Ruth discovered Monty because I don’t think she would have visited PoC is she hadn’t.

31 thoughts on “Monty: Ruth’s Feline Companion”

  1. Thanks, Rose. One of Monty’s nicknames is “Beautiful.” I don’t understand the reluctance to adopt black cats at all. They are beautiful. The Cat Network has been adopting out quite a few black ones. Monty’s half brother Zach got adopted. His mom was adopted quite awhile ago now. They were both jet black cats, like Monty. However, they still have a lot of black cats over there.

  2. Monty is a real beauty and I love black cats well I love white cats and ginger cats and all cats lol but I have 2 black rescue cats right now difficult to rehome oh well they can just stay and enjoy life with our gang,no colour bar here.


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