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Monty’s New and Improved Cat Enclosure — 17 Comments

    • There are some things cat lovers and those who have never bonded with a cat are never going to agree on, and predation by cats is one of them. Humans created this situation by domesticating cats and taking them from the farm into their homes. We provide them all the food they need, so now they hunt for sport. Hunting for sport is a terrible thing when humans do it, but a cat can’t help it. He acts on instinct.

      On the other hand, he killed a mouse in our basement this week and we all were quite grateful to be living with such a fierce little predator. My sister had seen the mouse and was actually afraid to go into the basement to do laundry. Monty wasn’t afraid. He killed it and put it in the hallway in our apartment. I picked it up thinking it was one of his toy mice. It was cold, dead and slightly damp. (He does not eat his kills, but he licks them.) I wish my sister had told me about the mouse before its demise or I would have been more careful about picking up that small gray object in the darkened hallway.

  1. Well Michael, I don’t know what you’re dealing with. I just lost a cat with whom I had 5,840 days of true and loyal friendship with. I don’t think I’m taking that out on anyone. I mended my misunderstanding about Ruth. I’m sorry that one off comment after so much time elicited such damning ire, but I respect what you do overall and therefore I’ll save you the trouble of banning me from your site; I’ll unsubscribe to avoid temptation to contribute my thoughts any further. I won’t unfriend you nor remove you from my facebook group. I’ll also continue to refer people to PoC for great info and commentary about cats. Keep up the good work.

    • We are okay Albert. I was unsure whether you were a regular and it seems your comment was a misunderstanding. Ruth is a great person and she cares deeply for Monty. You are not a troll but there are trolls about and if they insult cat lovers and regular visitors I don’t like it.

  2. Firstly, Ruth I’m very impressed with what you have done with your husband. An enclosure like this is a perfect solution to allowing a cat to express his natural desires and instincts in an enriched environment while at the same time being safe from the usual dangers. In the Facebook comments above there is a comment written by a troll. Please don’t be upset by it because unless it is rectified promptly I will delete the entire section of Facebook comments.

    • Don’t worry about it, Michael. It is more a comment about how it was written, because I didn’t hit on that aspect of my relationship with Monty. I saw you shortened it, as it did get very long. I think some of what you cut may have contained what that reader was looking for– that Jeff and I really enjoyed making the elclosure and spending time out there with Monty.

      I do feel really sad for him that he can no longer climb some of his favorite trees, but he was routinely getting stuck in them and I would have to help him down, often getting scratched in the process as he hurtled down at me, a twelve pound car bomb with claws out. It all had become an issue not just for his safety but for mine. Usually scratches are not serious, but my health issues make any type of antibiotic quite hazardous for me if one should become infected. And the day he had escaped and I tried to collect him from the neighbor’s yard he tore my palm open really deeply. Confrontations with other cats also have lead to my getting scratched as well as injuries to the other animals. Monty’s feral roots are strong in him. He’s a tough little fighter and I admire him for it.

      So to restrict him to being an indoor only cat would be wrong. Outside is his birthright. But keeping him safe is my responsibility. It doesn’t look like it in the pictures but we live in a very urban area.

      Thanks for publishing my article, Michael!

      • Not car bomb– cat bomb– darn autocorrect!

        Also, I wanted to say that Monty had been going out the hole in the bottom of the fence that I did not think he could fit through while I was out there with him! I would think he was hiding under some plants. I’d call and call and not find him and then there he would be, always near that hole, but I never saw him actually going through it. But he’d have a guilty look on his face.

      • Hi Ruth,
        I love your enclosure! I have a coupla tips for tree-stuck cats. They probably won’t apply in all cases. But, when they have gotten too high for me to reach I go up the ladder as far as I can with a large doubled-over quilt…usually to about 2 1/2 ft. square. I hold it directly under the cat and then talk it down. In my case I’ve never had one refuse to come down onto the ‘platform’. I can’t say I’ve ever had one hurl itself at the platform. But, that sounds rough even landing on a quilt!! The other thing I find if I have to retrieve a cat on a ladder…. is to hold it VERY tight. I might even say ‘squishing’ it. I’ve never had one object and it keeps them from digging claws deep into my skin out of fear of falling. The tight hold seems to make them feel secure. Have fun with Monty in your ‘new’ yard!

        • Thanks for the great tips! The trees we left for him are ones he is very adept at getting out of on his own so we should be ok. Monty must really trust me because he will just hurl himself out of the tree at me. Sometimes I bend over and let him jump into my back and then onto the ground. But he doesn’t always wait for that. He once jumped onto my head. I had scratches on my face and scalp. Ever since he was a kitten, if he got too high, his logic has been, “Mom will catch me!” and down he comes, hurtling at me with claws out. He seems to want to come down head first like a squirrel. When he can’t he just jumps toward me. If he can land on me he will be ok, I guess. I hate to spoil his fun, but his days of jumping out of trees onto my head have to be over. He’s still got his indoor cat walkways that we built in January. There is another article about that on this site.

          • I understand your situation more fully now Ruth, and yes you were correct, something was missing in the original story that you made whole. I had a different picture altogether. I applaud your cat sense, common sense and in accomplishing the right things for you and Monty.

            • I guess I felt like I was just writing to the PoC crowd who are very familiar with Monty and I. The previous articles about him give a fuller picture. I think this article raised other interesting, though difficult questions. How do we give cats that outdoor experience and still keep them safe? What about predation? Is it ok that our cats kill local wildlife? Is this situation not made worse by the fact that many pet cats, like Monty, now hunt for sport so that their kills are wasted by not being eaten? It is truly upsetting to bury chipmunks, squirrels, mice and birds constantly. Yet Monty has never been happier. Whose rights take precedence here? The right of my cat to enjoy the outdoors or the right of other small animals to stay alive? I just know that I will always side with Monty, so he will continue to enjoy outside time.

              My husband and I are going to make an indoor scratching post out of part of a tree we cut down and put it in the basement for Monty. Then in the winter months he will have a little bit of the outside in the next best place to outside, our basement.

              • Right again Ruth. For some reason I had not seen your prior posts and I’ve been following PoC since June. I haven’t been called a troll until now, so you do have a special place in Michaels’ heart. Again, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. I hope one day someone will fiercely support me that way, for I am not a troll and I know my heart is in the right place.

                And rest assured that though I know I could let some of my cats outside today and they would stay in my back yard, I’m not letting any out due to Halloween.

          • Monty sounds like a hoot!! Sounds like you’ve got it fixed!!
            I think you could have used a quilt …..on your head….in the past!! Still, it wouldn’t have solved that 12 lbs!!! ?

      • Ruth I did not shorten it. I forgot to tell that the end was curtailed for some strange reason. I added the last 3 words. If you email me the end I’ll add it in.

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