Moonwalking cat. Why and how.

Cat moonwalking
Cat moonwalking
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This is a video of a cat on a leash doing a version of the moonwalk. You can see that because he is walking but not going forwards.

The reason is because the cat wants to go forwards on a highly polished surface but he is held back because he is tied up like a dog outside a restaurant. The cat continues to walk while his paws slip on the shiny surface and therefore he does not advance.

An interesting aspect of this is that the cat continues for a while to try and move. You might have thought that he’d stop trying to walk quickly. In fact, as the video is very short he does stop fairly quickly. In effect, he is trying to escape from being tied up.

One last point. He was tied up outside a restaurant as mentioned. That implies the owner was inside eating which means the cat was possibly there for quite a time. No wonder he wants to walk. It happened in Jingdezhen, China.

P.S. The video is embedded and served by a NY Post computer to I have no control over whether the video exists or is deleted. I hope it is still on the page for years to come.

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4 thoughts on “Moonwalking cat. Why and how.”

  1. Moonwalking? Teaser statement. But your story is correct in that this is cruel for the poor Kitty. His stress level must be high.

    It is not funny.

  2. I detest the media making moronic fun of an animal in distress like this. The poor cat is wearing a horribly mean harness, far too thin and painful for any companion animal to wear.

    What a selfish, ignorant owner, inside a restaurent, giving no care to the safety of their cat.

    The media could use these incidents to educate people about caring for animals properly, instead they ensure the readership stays dumb by producing idiotic clickbait.

    I despair

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