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Morality Tale Concerning Man and Tiger — 15 Comments

    • As usual, humankind is too late. Humankind is always too late when it comes to protecting the environment and the wild species. This is because people are unable to control themselves in their abuse and use of the planet for personal gain. Only when everything runs out does humankind begin to understand what has happened.

    • It is said that the Russians are doing quite well in protecting them but very late in the day. The population declined a lot and then stabilised at 400 which is the often quoted figure and has been for many years. Estimating tiger numbers is problematic. There always estimates so we can’t count on the figures. There’s not much more that can be done except to conserve they habitat where they are found which is to the east (the largest area) and the West (a relatively small area) of the city of Vladivostok in the Far East Russia. Also, to prevent poaching. There are properly quite safe in the Far East Russia because not many people want to live there for the obvious reason that it is freezing cold and inhospitable to humans which makes it a great place for a tiger who has adapted to the cold.

  1. And they live, what, on average in the wild, eight years now? Do you have the stats, Michael. I know that they do not live long, given limits on territory. 🙁 grrr…

    • There is a lot of conservation attempts going on to save the Siberian tiger and most of it comes from Russia because that is where the tiger lives but the population size is so small it makes surviving difficult. Apparently the 400 Siberian tiger population in Russia (estimated) is effectively about 14 tigers when it comes to the ability to procreate. China completely exterminated the South China tiger so we can’t really count on them to be fantastic conservationists.

      I read that story that you linked to and it is typical of poaching of tigers. The carcasses are shipped back to China where they are cut up and the parts used in various medicines and drinks or foods. Poaching for tiger parts for the Asian market and loss of habitat, which is probably due to industry in Russia, are the 2 major reasons why the Siberian tiger population is precarious.

      • Exactly. It is to be reviled. By every single country. Every single contingent. It is despicable. China is one of the very worst offenders. We all know. 🙁 their government, which cont5’s their People’s Republic. Meow? Mao? Miao? [the true citizens of the republic of china, the children, both genders, rule.] enough said. get educated, as you are. Let the world know!

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