More dental problems in Modern Siamese

More dental problems in Modern Siamese

The very slender (Oriental) Modern Siamese - photo copyright Helmi Flick

The very slender (Oriental) Modern Siamese - photo copyright Helmi Flick

I have 2 Traditional and 1 Modern Siamese cats, and unfortunately, my Modern Siamese has had very bad dental problems.

It's obvious from the "newer" shape of the head--his teeth do not have as much room as the Traditional Siamese.

And yes, we regularly brush all of their teeth. Even their vet agrees--it is due to the way Modern Siamese has evolved that they tend to have more dental problems.

Very unfortunate.

Hi... thanks for this. It is nice to receive first hand experiences about purebred cat health issues.

By my reckoning the Modern Siamese has the greatest number of inherited diseases and is on my assessment of all the available evidence, the most unhealthy of all purebred cats.

The same cannot be said about the Traditional Siamese cat.

Another very well established cat breed also has health issues: the Persian.


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An interesting fact: You hardly ever see Modern Siamese cats on Flickr, the major image hosting website. There are millions of photos on Flickr and lots of traditional Siamese but few, very few Modern wedge Siamese.

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More dental problems in Modern Siamese to Modern Siamese cats

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