More Milo Adventures

More Milo Adventures

by Darlene Burrow
(WI, USA.)

Milo is doing great!! When I open the fridge and look inside Milo comes right away to me and looks in the fridge just like a person would.

She sticks her whole head in and looks around it. It is so adorable to see.

Milo also loves to lay down on my bedroom window sill. She caws like a bird! You should really hear her caw it sounds funny but the window is always open but there is a screen though so she can’t get out.

But one day Milo was really cawing more than usual and all of a sudden a big bird ran right into the window screen and Milo made her actions fast.

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She pounced on the bird from the inside out and she surely did touch the bird from inside of the house. She had never ever had a chance to do that before. She was very excited about it the bird is okay.

The bird flew away. I was so surprised that the bird and Milo didn’t break the screen because Milo really pounced on the screen pretty good with her two paws wow! That was a adventure alright.

I love Milo with all my heart.

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Me and My Milo.


Hi Darlene… domestic cats are great hunters and the sound that Milo makes at the window watching birds is probably practicing biting into the neck of a captured bird! That is what the experts say.

I love your love for Milo. It is beautiful.

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More Milo Adventures

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Aug 01, 2011 Hi Darlene
by: Michael

I missed you! If everyone was as nice as you with their cat there would be no cat problems, no abused cats, no stray cats. Nor would there be a feral cat problem.

Aug 01, 2011 thanks
by: darlene burrow

hi there, thank you for commenting
on my story of milo she loves birds that is for sure and thank you for loving the way i love milo that was thoughtful of you have a great day

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