Minnie, our Burmese cat

Minnie, our Burmese cat

by Penny Johnson
(Clearwater, Florida)

My husband and I just adopted a Burmese 3 year old female from the SPCA two days ago. The picture above of Lorenzo could pass as a picture of Minnie. She had her well check with the vet today and the vet said, “I believe you have a winner here”. She was quite impressed with Minnie as we are. She doesn’t come to us yet but doesn’t run from us either. She loves to sit on our lap for hours.

If I let her, she will spend a full day under the bed but doesn’t try to get away when I reach under to get her. She isn’t playing yet but that may be she is still getting acquainted with her new home. So far, we have found her to be a very quiet kitty. Would love to learn more about the character of these beauties.

Minnie has found her forever, loving home.

Kattenkabinet in Amsterdam

by maria clara
(the netherlands)

In Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is a pretty, small museum dedicated to cat and art, called “Het Kattenkabinet”. You can find some info on their website www.hetkattenkabinet.nl and their facebookpage.

Looking for a Chartreux breeder in the UK

by Scott

hi…im actually looking to buy a Chartreux kitten
but am having trouble finding breeders in the uk (im in surrey).

If you can point me in the right direction id be very grateful.



Hi Scott…. I plan to build a page on Chartreux breeders but in the meantime do a simple Google searach in Google.co.uk. I did this and could not find any listed for the UK!

Let me try some more and I will get back to this page to make a comment!

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What breed is our cat?

by Valerie

Male 12-14wks old. He’s a rescue. Not Calico (I was told) due to no red….more like white, black, and golden light brown??

We love him and his name is Sheamus and he is spoiled. Any help on id of breed or breed mix would help. I’ve been told possibly some Maine coon, but I have yet to see a pic of a Maine Coon that looks like him….his hair isn’t as fluffy in my opinion.

Thanks everyone.

Hi Valerie…. without seeing a picture it is impossible to tell and even then it is guesswork.

It is almost certain that your cat is a fine looking random bred cat. See this article as it may help: What Breed is My Cat?

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I had a teacup kitten.

by Kathy
(Keansburg, NJ)

I had a teacup kitten. She was born to a calico cat.

I named her Teacup. We went to the bar the other night and she followed us and one of the idiot kids in the neighborhood must have picked her up.

She was the most loveable kitten in the world. We loved her very much. We hope one day she escapes from her new owners and comes back to us.


Siamese Cats

by Mon

Siamese cats have a creamy base coat with colored points on their muzzles, ears, paws and lower legs, tails.

Siamese kittens, although pure cream or white at birth, develop their visible points in the first few months of life in colder parts of their body.

By the time a Siamese kitten is four weeks old the points should be clearly distinguishable enough to recognize which color they are. The Siamese cat tends to darken with age, and generally adult Siamese living in warm climates have lighter coats than those in cool climates.

The Snowshoe cat can make a great warrior cat

by Lee

The Snowshoe cat can make a great warrior cat; ever see a cute warrior cat? if you haven't, that's because they make great ninjas also.


by Ivonne
(Bogotá, Colombia)


Hi Ivonne..Milton is a random bred tabby and white cat. He is not a Maine Coon but he is a splendid looking, handsome cat....See What Breed is My Cat?

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Feeding cats and attracting cats!

by Mr Dennis Howland

I started feeding the Kat, who lived under the house,several Years Ago...I just couldn't waste the Food my Girlfriend was "throwing" away over her sick Kitty..Maxine.. SOOOO Harry came 1st...3 years ago..!!!...BUT.. now I have All her pals...from "Puss-in-Boots".....to " Top-Kat " I also TNR...yet their Destiny seems to lay in my Heart..!! RSVP...please

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