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  1. thanks Michael.. I have heard from people too who are PO about all of this. I don’t belong to fb.. But at this time, I do read many of the posts. it seems he much have a bunch of groupies falling him around agreeing with his every word.. I wasn’t aware that the total number of cats was up to four that had been hurt. I still believe they had more cats than sage too. I am sick and tired of this guy being more so concerned with his public relations bs.. She knows plenty and yet, he just ignores her responses and also the response on inside edition that says the owners claim they found him in the front yard. I wonder about so many things. And Michael, there is no way, sage made it home on his own power. Besides the brain damage, he was so full of infection, he couldn’t move. His heart stopped because it couldn’t beat fast enough and gave out. I did talk to a number of vets. funny thing, they all agreed with each other and none know each other. I believe in karma.. And I believe justice will be served.. And I am glad, I didn’t donate to Jensen.

  2. I doubt he will do that because he thinks he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Its really unfair what has been held back from the public. I read a total of four cats tortured including sage and cat two. You know there are more accounts and Jensen refuses to elaborate on anything else but clearing the family. The more he continues with this line of bs, the more many of us realize you are right with your comments. And you know the deleted/resurfaced post makes her a person of interest or suspect of knowing so much more and refusing to come forward. Another account where inside edition states the owner said they found him in the front yard. and her first account stating sage got home on his own power. How can a cat whose brain was destroyed function..

    yet, Jensen continues to want all to believe the family is wrongly accused.. glad I didn’t donate to him.

    • I think you are right Joanne. I am suspicious about Jensen’s motives in getting involved in this investigation. It looks like self-promotion to me at the moment. If that is correct it is a great shame and disservice to Sage. We want justice.

  3. Jensen is nothing but a self serving opportunist. He plans on making a report about the family being wrongly accused. As screwed up as that is, he is making money and getting media fame off a horrible, criminal act. It is disgusting. I plan on asking him if heis donating the profits to animal rescue groups?

  4. PS…. how about the second cat found in the same area. the news was worried that there was a serial cat abuser on the loose. Bill boards went up around here too. Then as fast as all that happened, nothing more. those two moved to Wyoming and no more cats were hurt. I saw another cat pictured with sage on FB.. multi animals in their house according to her first post. this cat was allowed to live and was claimed to be a stray. I heard that his ears had rubber bands wrapped on them so tight, his ears would fall off. His paws were in bad shape too. but nothing was ever mentioned because the authorities hushed it up. He was saved. So why doesn’t Jensen address this issue. I don’t believe what Jensen says. Sage was brain dead from his head being slammed into a wall. the infection spread through his body and his heart gave out. Remember how she claimed he got home before collapsing… that is bs.. I just cant understand why he continues with much ado about nothing.

  5. why does the pi now continue to quote from her post about how sage got home and collapsed after going through the doggie door. what is wrong with him…


    has he forgotten about her last post that was deleted detailing some mystery man living in the house claiming he killed sage… and her saying they wouldn’t have been able to hear it because they were in a different part of the house. That means he never left the premise.

    whoever cut and paste and save her last post is wonderful… reported it to the authorities who did nothing. taking a polygraph test which cant be admitted and so on… Yep she knows so much more both her and her boyfriend who supposedly had to move to Wyoming because they were being taunted. LOL… don’t believe that either.

    I don’t understand why this pi is ignoring all the other accounts and continues to focus on how this family has been had nothing to do with it… Who in family are you referring to. How come so many accounts.. what are you doing????

  6. This “thing”taking on the form of a human is a most vile and evil thing out there. If there is a person who is hiding this vile monster let them also be declared guilty of the crime of torture. Although this investigation is taking many paths, please do not let the path be abandoned until the demon of hell is caught and presented before all to see the face of evil. No matter how long it takes, continue to search until justice is served.

  7. of course they do. What the hell is going on with this PI.. I posted a link to inside edition on video that said sage was found in the front yard by his owner. He just seems so supportive of all of them. Its like none of them had anything to do with Sage. It breaks my heart about what happen to him and those still running around sprouting bs. And the authorities don’t want to corporate either with the public. Everything is a secret.

    What does the pi know… Seems if he is so great, he should have solved this.. My thinking, I hope those who pay his fee get their money worth. I fully expect one day to read a post from him saying some secret man did it… oh excuse me, because according to her last post he did it and that is why they moved… but according to her first post Sage somehow made it home with his brain being dead and all the injuries that could have happened. So really where was sage killed (brain slammed).. was it inside the house with the secret man or was it somewhere else. You see the posts and accounts she has posted make no sense. and when something doesn’t make sense, ask yourself why.. I remember Hitler said, if you tell a lie (and make it a big one) over and over, it will eventually become the truth.

  8. I want this evil monster/monsters found and taken off this planet. We have no space for this type of a poor excuse for a human being.
    And why isn’t China, Sages owner… helping with his investigation??
    She and her husband know ALOT more than they’re willing to own up to.

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