More News From Sage the Cat Investigation (and comment)

Jensen Investigations (a private investigator commissioned by the people behind the Justice for Sage page on Facebook) have reported on 21st September as to their progress in investigating the barbaric torture and ‘murder’ of Sage. The report is set out verbatim below. And below that I comment on the report. Please feel free to comment yourselves and on the Facebook page. I think feedback is useful for Mr Jason Jensen in seeking justice.

Should the investigators disclose the name of the suspect in the Sage the Cat torture and killing?

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Jensen’s Statement

“A quick preview of some findings from today’s interviews: Sage routinely traveled in and out of the doggie door at the rear of the home. Sage was found on the tile floor approximately 15 feet from the doggie door. The doggie door leads to the rear of the home property, and he may have traveled from the direction of the neighbor’s house to the west or the neighbor house to the north (along the street to the North). The other tortured cat was literally three doors down around the corner to the the East.

These facts could lead one to believe that the offender resided in the neighborhood, i.e. a group of juveniles or a possible disgruntled neighbor. At the time they found him it was approximately 6:00 – 6:30 a.m. when their family dog Grace started barking. Upon Sage’s return, he had been absent for 3 – 4 days which was not uncommon. Sage was too friendly and very approachable making him an easy victim.

He would routinely enter other’s houses too who had doggie doors and others enjoyed his visits throughout the neighborhood. Upon their discovery of Sage he was wearing an unknown collar. Sage did not otherwise own a collar. It was speculated that the collar was used to subdue and control Sage while he was being abused. Resulting from these interviews, I will canvass the neighborhood for witnesses to interview.”

Comment: – these are spur of the moment thoughts after reading the above statement. They are open to criticisms and errors.

New Information

Firstly, for me there is new information in the statement and therefore I suspect to other people as well about what happened. Firstly, Sage was found 15 feet inside the property from the cat door. Initially, some time ago, I had speculated that the person who tortured Sage had placed the cat inside the cat flap having hurt the cat outside the home. But if Sage was 15 feet from the “doggie door” this would undermine that theory. Although it is possible that the person pushed Sage into the room beyond the cat flap with some sort of instrument such as a broom. I think most of us agree that Sage could not have managed to get there on his own. However, being 15 feet away from the doggie door that theory has to be revisited.

If Sage was able to walk (and through the doggie door and then 15 feet into the room) then he was tortured outside the home. Alternatively he was tortured inside the home by somebody living inside the home which has also been suggested and if a favored theory but rejected by Jensen. This latter suggestion is more likely if we agree that Sage was unable to walk after being tortured.


The statement strongly indicates that Mr Jason Jensen believes that a neighbour is a likely culprit because Sage used to routinely and regularly walk into other people’s houses. Perhaps one of these house owners became enraged about Sage’s behaviour but that is highly unlikely. If Sage regularly went into houses then the people living in those houses would know him and would have accepted him. Perhaps therefore a visitor to one of those houses who did not know Sage perpetrated this crime. This person should be easy to identify if this theory is correct.

However, in the past I have suggested that the perpetrator of this crime tortured Sage to emotionally torture his owners. I had suggested that the cat was a means to get at a neighbour who they did not like. In that case it would be a neighbour who knew Sage’s owner well and for some reason turned on Sage’s owners and decided to hurt the cat having accepted his visits in the past.

Perpetrator Did Not Live at the Cat’s Owner’s Home

Mr Jensen believes that the perpetrator did not live in the same home as Sage. He has more or less said that in previous statements. Therefore at the moment, from the investigators point of view, as I see it, the culprit is likely to be a neighbour and I would enquire if any neighbour had an argument or a grievance with the owners of Sage when they were living there.

Was There a Dispute?

It would be nice to know whether Mr Jensen has interviewed the owners of Sage about a neighbor dispute. If there was a dispute of some sort between the cat’s owners and a neighbour then that would point to the neighbour as the culprit. As there is no information about this we have to presume there was no dispute. If there was no dispute then we have to discount the idea that this was a grievance killing of a cat to get at a neighbour. In which case it is more likely to be an ad hoc, out of the blue crime by, say, juveniles.

Sociopathic Behavior

Let’s say that a neighbour did it. The only kind of person who could do this to a cat would be some sort of sociopath. Somebody with a mental health illness. Is there someone like this living near the house where Sage lived? Such a person would display that kind of mental illness in other ways than torturing a cat. He may be known to people. He should be known to people. There was a person living in the house with Sage who as I understand it had these sorts tendances.

9 thoughts on “More News From Sage the Cat Investigation (and comment)”

  1. thanks Michael.. I have heard from people too who are PO about all of this. I don’t belong to fb.. But at this time, I do read many of the posts. it seems he much have a bunch of groupies falling him around agreeing with his every word.. I wasn’t aware that the total number of cats was up to four that had been hurt. I still believe they had more cats than sage too. I am sick and tired of this guy being more so concerned with his public relations bs.. She knows plenty and yet, he just ignores her responses and also the response on inside edition that says the owners claim they found him in the front yard. I wonder about so many things. And Michael, there is no way, sage made it home on his own power. Besides the brain damage, he was so full of infection, he couldn’t move. His heart stopped because it couldn’t beat fast enough and gave out. I did talk to a number of vets. funny thing, they all agreed with each other and none know each other. I believe in karma.. And I believe justice will be served.. And I am glad, I didn’t donate to Jensen.

  2. I doubt he will do that because he thinks he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Its really unfair what has been held back from the public. I read a total of four cats tortured including sage and cat two. You know there are more accounts and Jensen refuses to elaborate on anything else but clearing the family. The more he continues with this line of bs, the more many of us realize you are right with your comments. And you know the deleted/resurfaced post makes her a person of interest or suspect of knowing so much more and refusing to come forward. Another account where inside edition states the owner said they found him in the front yard. and her first account stating sage got home on his own power. How can a cat whose brain was destroyed function..

    yet, Jensen continues to want all to believe the family is wrongly accused.. glad I didn’t donate to him.

    • I think you are right Joanne. I am suspicious about Jensen’s motives in getting involved in this investigation. It looks like self-promotion to me at the moment. If that is correct it is a great shame and disservice to Sage. We want justice.


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