More of Momo (large Bengal cat)

Momo is a stunning Bengal cat. Here is another great Helmi Flick photograph of him showing off his impressive coat with a hint of athleticism and nice paws (with claws).

Bengal cat Momo

Bengal cat Momo

Momo’s coat looks like it shines. Is this Bengal cat glitter, the prized effect desired by breeders?

For me, a person who knows a bit about cats but who does not have the sort of knowledge possessed of Bengal cat breeders, Momo’s coat interests me because I can’t label it.

Bengal cats have spotted tabby coats and marble tabby coats. Momo seems to have something that is in between the two.

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When the coat is spotted, there are arrow headed spots, pawprints and donuts to name three types. Are there others? Momo appears to have a spotted coat that has some arrowhead style spots (see another picture of him). The spots have merged in places to form a thick line (which incidentally is how the mackerel tabby is formed although Momo is obviously not a mackerel tabby).

One thing for sure, it is a beautiful coat. His full name is: RW SGC Belara Custom’s Dream of Jabari. He is a large Bengal cat at 18 lbs. Breeder: Jabari Bengals who are based in Houston, Texas (as at July 2012 they are still operating).

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