More Savannah Kitten Photographs

by Michael
(Ponca City, OK)

I can’t stop taking photographs of Martin and Kathrin’s Savannah kittens so here are some more.

These kittens are running around the house all the time. Florence below is very small and you certainly have to be careful where you put your feet. They can get under your feet quickly and silently.

Florence is a complete darling. She is extremely people orientated. She comes straight onto you, licks your hand and face despite the enormous difference in size and she licked and cuddled up to me despite never having met me before.

This is put down to bottle feeding by Martin Stucki since a very young age.

These photos are thumbnails. If you click on them you will see the same image in large format:

F2 Savannah kitten Florence
Florence a very young F2 Savannah kitten
F1 Savannah kitten FOCUS
This is FOCUS again. He is an F1 Savannah kitten of presence
I have forgotten her name but the coat is more typically yellow
This is FOCUS again. At the window. What can  I say? He is very photogenic. 

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More to come…!

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More Savannah Kitten Photographs

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May 24, 2010 In love
by: Joyce Sammons

I hope you realize you and the kittens are in love with each other. It has to be hard getting so close to them knowing you’ll have to leave them. I’d be crying.

May 23, 2010 Savannah Kittens
by: Maggie Sharp

Wow, they certainly sound like the monster cats of which they are described of! Hehehe. They’re so cute! I wish they were legal here, I would have one in heart beat…

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