More Than 150 Attend Vigil in an Outpouring of Grief and Sympathy for Sage the Tortured Cat

Here are some photographs of the gathering of more than 150 people at a park in Clearfield on Sunday in memory of Sage, the beloved cat who was tortured to death, and in an expression of sympathy and grief.

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They hope to raise awareness about animal abuse and support the family of Sage. In addition, The Humane Society of Northern Utah (HSNU) made two announcements.

The reward into the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for Sage’s torture and death has now risen to $49,285 due to the generous donations of people from all over the world. The world is outraged.

Interestingly, Celeste Bailey of HSNU stated that some of the outrage and sympathy emanates partly from the fact that Sage was able to crawl home. In a previous post I stated that that is probably unlikely.

HSNU have created The Sage Friend Fund. This fund is designed to help other abused animals and their families. Bailey also said that the fund will be used as reward money in other cases as well as in Sage’s and cover medical bills and long-term rehabilitation of animal survivors of abuse. In addition the funds will be used to contribute towards memorial costs.

HSNU also stated that a retired police officer will help investigate animal cruelty cases in the future. The person will be one of two investigators in the state.

As we know, the perpetrator has yet to be arrested. Anyone with information regarding Sage’s abuse should call Davis County Animal Services at “They may also abuse people, and they [may] also be individuals who have serious drug problems,” he concluded.

Anyone with information regarding Sage’s case is urged to call Davis County Animal Services at 801-444-2200 or John Fox the chief investigator HSU at 801-261-2919 extension. 210.

Sources: Erie News Now and Standard-Examiner Visuals.

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