Morris (cat) and Champy (horse) have made each other happy for 6 years

Morris was born at an animal shelter and was adopted at 9 months of age. Champy who was 12 months old when Morris came into his life had an immediate connection with Morris who took a little while to get over the size difference which is unsurprising. Within a few days Morris was on Champy’s back. Amazing.

They love doing the day-to-day things together:

Champy and Morris drink together

Champy and Morris drink together. Photo: Jennifer Boyle or Airinga Cheerwin

Morris jumps on with the help of a fence post. They are on social media: Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. I believe that they live with Jennifer Boyle who is the co-writer of the article on the Bored Panda website. I am not sure where they live. It looks America but someone can correct me if they wish.

P.S. I need to write a postscript because about an hour ago I criticised the making of a celebrity cat, Willow, because the cat’s fame is based on her ‘weird’ appearance (I don’t see weirdness but the cat’s owner accepts that word as a description).

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The lower level of celebrity of Morris and Champy is okay for me. There is nothing exploitative about it as it simply celebrates the pleasantness and positivity of a close friendship between a domestic cat and a horse. What I can’t accept is the voyeuristic nature of turning ‘weird’ cats into celebrities.

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