Most Caring Cities in USA

Source: WalletHub

The study covers: 1) Caring for the Community, 2) Caring for the Vulnerable and 3) Caring in the Workforce. It was published on and used WalletHub data.

I’d expect animal welfare to be high in cities deemed most caring. Animal welfare must be one of the criteria for assessing caring as animals are automatically vulnerable in a human world. The second item above should encompass animal welfare. I have just noticed that: ‘Pet Shelters & Rescue Services per Capita’ and ‘Animal Protection Laws’ are indeed included.

Okay so Madison WI is the top city. Madison is the capital of Wisconsin. If you have the time you might like to figure out which state has the most cities in the top 100 most caring. It might also be nice to do some research on Madison in relation to its track record on animal welfare.


Overall RankCityTotal‘Community’ Rank‘Vulnerable’ Rank‘Workforce’ Rank
1Madison, WI68.131061
2Virginia Beach, VA63.7361723
3Lincoln, NE63.5929712
4Boston, MA63.5213525
5Jersey City, NJ63.0044214
6Pittsburgh, PA61.5316376
7Chesapeake, VA61.48201816
8Fremont, CA61.4213456
9St. Paul, MN61.1735433
10Seattle, WA60.9091450
11San Francisco, CA60.8651249
12San Diego, CA60.2811378
13Colorado Springs, CO60.18191334
14San Jose, CA59.983993
15Chicago, IL59.96212130
16Portland, OR59.69411231
17Scottsdale, AZ59.2548173
18Plano, TX58.9052076
19Irvine, CA58.798891
20Minneapolis, MN58.7867384
21New York, NY58.6728826
22Gilbert, AZ58.6417577
23Washington, DC58.56344022
24Denver, CO58.51541033
25Aurora, CO58.37313228
26Philadelphia, PA58.3712865
27Omaha, NE57.76502236
28Durham, NC57.7330762
29Chula Vista, CA57.2472580
30Newark, NJ57.13247413
31Boise, ID57.07223147
32Chandler, AZ56.80361165
33Anchorage, AK56.35872711
34Honolulu, HI56.23445427
35Columbus, OH56.17285737
36Charlotte, NC56.14265641
37Anaheim, CA55.60231689
38Norfolk, VA55.32397715
39Los Angeles, CA55.23322968
40Nashville, TN54.83524448
41Kansas City, MO54.56606424
42Milwaukee, WI54.4040899
43Lexington-Fayette, KY54.10706019
44Cincinnati, OH53.97387046
45Raleigh, NC53.89684538
46Oklahoma City, OK53.75793432
47Mesa, AZ53.72433669
48Reno, NV53.47622471
49Irving, TX53.30156279
50Indianapolis, IN53.28844920
51Tampa, FL53.10495260
52Louisville, KY52.98725340
53Garland, TX52.91147283
54Santa Ana, CA52.81334190
55Oakland, CA52.81613366
56Sacramento, CA52.72691975
57Cleveland, OH52.56589110
58Long Beach, CA52.21475074
59Fort Worth, TX52.19275984
60Arlington, TX52.19186982
61Austin, TX51.98753059
62Fort Wayne, IN51.91557535
63Baltimore, MD51.88569318
64Toledo, OH51.6883807
65Riverside, CA51.304223100
66Henderson, NV51.22254894
67Jacksonville, FL51.01783954
68Wichita, KS50.91922851
69Buffalo, NY50.5974968
70Atlanta, GA50.49646362
71Phoenix, AZ50.12734672
72St. Petersburg, FL50.08656760
73Greensboro, NC49.68816645
74St. Louis, MO49.64966117
75Dallas, TX49.44458281
76New Orleans, LA49.24579543
77Bakersfield, CA49.04771598
78San Antonio, TX48.62766857
79Las Vegas, NV48.46595594
80Orlando, FL48.38902687
81Tucson, AZ48.35955153
82Fresno, CA48.00377888
83Corpus Christi, TX47.85827352
84Glendale, AZ47.69806570
85Tulsa, OK47.671005844
86Houston, TX47.47637992
87Albuquerque, NM47.39978721
88El Paso, TX47.11468485
89Baton Rouge, LA46.67939229
90Memphis, TN46.43987142
91North Las Vegas, NV46.36538194
92Hialeah, FL45.95719763
93Lubbock, TX45.22998339
94Miami, FL45.13888563
95Stockton, CA44.99894799
96Winston-Salem, NC43.84949055
97Birmingham, AL42.85869858
98San Bernardino, CA41.45859497
99Detroit, MI41.33919967
100Laredo, TX37.866610086

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5 thoughts on “Most Caring Cities in USA”

  1. AbbyandSadiesMom/USA

    Yay! Boston, MA came in at #4, but it’s the only city in Massachusetts listed. Boo! Our shelter is roughly 16 miles south of Boston in Quincy, MA (Home of two US Presidents): – it’s a very small shelter but we do what we can. Hopefully, we’ll have a new, larger shelter in a couple years. The plans are wending its way through the process. Will be looking into #1 on this list to see their success story. Thank you for providing the list.

    1. Nice to know that you live in a caring city. Do you feel like the city is caring? It would be nice to have first hand info 😉

      1. AbbyandSadiesMom/USA

        If you’re referring to Quincy, MA where our shelter is located, I’d give it a big fat YES! At one time, this building was the City Pound where the shelf life of any animal was 7-10 days if they were lucky; after that they were killed. (I refrain from using the word euthanize since that should not apply to terminating animals due to lack of space or funding.) A group of local citizens got together and put forth a proposal to the City of Quincy about changing the pound to a no-kill shelter that would be 100% volunteer. If I’m not mistaken, there were only about eight to ten people at the time. That was seventeen years ago. The ‘euthanasia’ room was transformed to ISO (isolation) for sick cats. Animal Control has an office in the small building and we all work together. At last count, we were something like 150 people strong in all facets of running the shelter: dog walkers and dog maintenance workers, cat workers who feed/clean cages and play with the cats, greeters who make first contact with the public to ascertain what they’re looking for, adoption reps (both cat and dog), management, board of directors, marketing people, TNR people, shelter secretary, medical people (not licensed vets but trained in cursory care qualified to give meds, etc.), IT people, shelter director and probably more people that I’ve forgotten. It’s very well-rounded. We have licensed vets who volunteer their time from their practice to do whatever surgeries may be needed above and beyond their respective practice. We’re very fortunate to live in a city that supports all we do and come to us for whatever they need, as well as generously give to keep us running since we’re non-profit.

        If you’re referring to Boston, I’d say they are also very caring. There are many large shelters, as well as large teaching and private animal hospitals and specialty practices who also provide full service to animals and also address low-cost services for those in need. Although there are still too many high-kill shelters around, the no-kill facilities are opening at a brisk rate.

        Lastly, all of the shelters here in Massachusetts (as well as the entire USA) have a communication setup whereas we can contact other rescues at any time if in need. Example: if we’ve got a large dog (Mastiff), we’re able to transfer the Mastiff as they are better equipped to successfully adopt out. If a shelter has too many kittens, they can transfer to our shelter as we have a very strong kitten adoption rate. It works out for everyone.

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