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Most cats are highly sensitive to human body language — 4 Comments

  1. Additionally, I’ve found that tilting your head to the side and speaking in hushed tones are very effective in conveying affection and a “you can trust me” message.

  2. I’m always disappointed that cat cognitive and behavioral studies are limited. This notion that cats go to people who don’t like them is folklore. If people would broaden their life experiences concerning natural phenomena like interacting with pets (something you’d expect we as humans would have a clue about by now), then scientists could deepen their studies a bit. I think when it comes to the general public, to get any notice (just as with most media) they pander to a low common denominator and rely on confirmation bias to interest readers. I’ve known that body language is the chief means by which cats “read” us, they are VERY good at it and that most pet owners only give tacit credit to them. Indeed I’ve narrowed down that cats watch our hands and feet the most to gauge what our intentions are at any given moment, then look at our faces and listen to our tone of voice to narrow it down further. It’s to their and our benefit as companions to explore that a little in our daily routines and get joy out of feeling that we’re truly communicating in a way that is almost telepathic in contrast to how humans communicate or fail to communicate by way of words alone. Look at how we misread each other on social media without benefit of hearing nuances in our voices or watching our facial micro expressions. Michael Broad and PoC is the only widely read cat interest media that delves into this to a better degree than any other periodical I’ve ever read. Thank you Michael.

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