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Most cats indicate where they wish to be stroked — 3 Comments

  1. It’s fascinating to try to interpret our cat’s communications. So many times I find myself not being sure what Mitzy’s saying to me. I check various things to see if she responds, but sometimes it’s still a mystery.

    As for stroking certain places, I usually say a word that’s related to a spot on her body, and she responds. Like with “chin”, she’ll jump up and offer her chin. “Big stretch” is the other word. The big stretch means on her back for a tummy rub and brushing. Her favorite place seems to be the chin area, but she also likes the cheeks and ears.

    I remember having a thought many years ago….”who enjoys the stoking of a cat more?
    Us or them?” I think we could be considered “co-dependent” by some.

  2. I agree that cats indicate through body language where and how they want to be stroked. Sophie would even go so far as to pat my hand away if I used the “wrong” one to stroke the side of her cheek.

    I don’t consider rolling onto their backs a sign of submission. With my cats it’s an invitation for me to stroke their belly or play with them. I’m not sure they necessarily see me as the dominant one in our relationship. I know Sophie didn’t (lol).

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