Most dice balanced on a cat’s paw

This is one of the daftest entries in the Guinness World Records book of 2019. It is the most dice balanced on a cat’s paw and here it is in the picture below.

Most dice balanced on a cats paw
Most dice balanced on a cats paw. Photo: Press Association.
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The cat’s name is Bibi, a random bred cat from Malaysia who appears to be balancing nine dice on his left hind paw. The big question is the obvious one, namely whether the picture is Photoshopped (edited).

I would doubt very much that it is edited because as I recall there are quite strict rules when awarding Guinness world records to participants. There was probably a Guinness World Records representative there.

The follow-up question is then, how was it done? Well, I think we can be confident that the nine dice were balanced for a very short period of time; just long enough for the photographer to snap the picture. My guess would be about two seconds.

If, therefore, there are two people and one cat and the cat is lying in a certain position as photographed and one person has nine dice in a column and places them onto the cat’s paw, then lets them go and within the next second or two the photographer takes the picture… phew, you’ve got the record. Unless there are rules about how long the dice have to be balanced.

That’s a complete guess but I don’t see how else it could be done!

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