Most Loving Swedish Cat Companion (Video)

The video was made in Sweden. The video maker, who I presume is the guy in the video, writes “Our beloved cat “Ville” shows his great love for me..”

There are tons of head butts and kisses from “Ville” a ginger and white tabby cat. This cat can’t get enough contact with his human companion. Not all domestic cats are this willing to express their contentment with their relationship. He is very confident and relaxed and probably a more extrovert cat than some others. It is great to see a cat so content and in such a great relationship with a human. A lot of this is down to the human, of course, but there are many equally content cats who don’t show their feelings quite so freely.

P.S. This is an embedded video from YouTube. Sometimes, over time, they are deleted at YouTube. If this happens the video here will go black with a note.

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