Most notorious cat cruelty cases

Notorious cat killing cases
Two alleged notorious cat killers
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These are the most notorious cat cruelty cases I know of from being involved in web searches and posting articles over eight years. They are also the most sinister and gruesome. There is something of a horror movie quality about them. I think of psychopaths and serial killers when I think of these examples of cat abuse/killing. They also stand out for other reasons. I am not even sure what those reasons are. Perhaps it is all about the dark side of life and we know there is a lot of darkness out there. Fortunately there is also a lot of goodness from genuine, decent, kind-hearted people who care and who give up a part of their lives to express that caring quality in improving cat and animal welfare.

Here is a list of six notorious cases:

The Miami-Dade Cat Mutilator

This goes back to 2009. Elisa posted the articles. There are several articles on PoC about the alleged perpetrator, an angelic looking young man whose name is Tyler Weinman, aged 18 at the time. He was a middle class kid. His father is a dentist and ‘an upstanding member of the community’. This is what adds spice and notoriety to the story.

Two dozen cats (or more) were found ‘murdered’ mutilated and gutted in southwest Miami-Dage. As usual it was a major story at the time. A $12,000 reward was offered.

Weinman was arrested and charged with 19 cases of animal cruelty. You can read the sequence of stories on the “Miami-Dade cat ripper” on this page. Tyler was not convicted. He was acquitted and cats were deemed to have been killed by predators as I recall.

The Black Bag Case

This is another macabre cat cruelty case; something out of Silence of the Lambs. Black bags strung up on the branches of a tree in a wooded area in Yonkers, New York, overlooking the Hudson river. Inside the bags were the bodies of 25 cats and kittens bludgeoned to death and in various states of decay. A reward of $22,500 was offered by PeTA for evidence leading to finding the killer. In the ultimate irony, PeTA was dumping cats in black bags in a dumpster at the rear of their facility. That is the spice in a weird story.

This page tells the story in two articles; the major one by author Jo Singer. I have not heard of a conviction in relation to this case.

The Boy Video Torturer

This concerns another young man, Luka Rocco Magnotta. An angry, psychologically damaged young man no doubt. He videoed himself torturing two kittens by placing them in clear plastic bags and sealing them. The video was deleted years ago and I presume soon after he became notorious. A screenshot was captured by me and you’ll see the dead-eyed face of this cat killer elsewhere on the internet if you are unlucky enough to stumble upon him. He’s weird and he’s elusive. I don’t think he has ever been caught. This is the page where you can read and see more.

Zip Tie Torturer

This is petty criminal behavior by a sh*tty-minded individual. It is not a big story, just a bad one. It a classic case of cat cruelty which represents all casual cat cruelty, and it is happening as you read this. This is the page. The young cat was euthanised because of the injuries suffered. It happened in Brighton, Michigan, USA. Once again, the criminal was not caught.


Julianne Westberry is infamous. She is not only a mass hoarder; she is a fraudster. She presented an image of herself on social media as being kind-hearted and doing good, networking amongst the many cat rescuers some of whom sent their cats to her to be sheltered and rehomed but instead a great many starved to death in deplorable conditions. She is mad and bad, and we are still waiting for the case to come to trial. She has not been charged with enough crimes. If she is ever tried in the criminal courts, she’ll probably get off lightly, which is why we, the caring public, become disillusioned in the justice system. This link takes you to a saga of abuse and cruelty – written by the arch-exponent of cat cruelty stories, Elisa Black-Taylor. The articles are in chronological order beginning with the most recent.

The Veterinarian Bow and Arrow Cat Killer

This is fresh in our minds and very recent. It is a standout case because of the simple fact that the cat killer is a practicing veterinarian, who is trained to be caring and sensitive towards animal welfare. Sadly, the veterinary college which accepted her failed to pick up, on her blog, her self-declared pleasure in killing animals – any animal, she did not specify. This young, attractive woman has her own ‘tag’ on PoC. Her name is Kristen Lindsey. Her parents were involved. Becky, her mother took the notorious photo of her daughter proudly holding her ‘kill’ aloft with an arrow through his head. The cat allegedly belonged to a neighbor. Lindsey believed he was feral. What difference? It is still abject cruelty by someone who should have known better and who, if convicted, is a fraud of a veterinarian. This link takes you to the grizzly saga.

Woodsman001 aka Jim Stevenson

I have to include him in this list. He is a notorious internet troller focusing on cat websites and Facebook pages. He hides behind proxy servers and uses many aliases. He is a coward and an ornithologist. He loves birds and hates cats which is why he tells us he shoots them by the dozens on his land with a .22 rifle. He rants and raves and his writing remind me of a stuck long-playing record from the 1950s. Sadly, he is not a lone figure. There are others like him. He may not be real. He could be a work of fiction. Click here to read more.

Kids Killing Cats

Although there are several pages on PoC about kids killing cats, I’d like to refer to one, written by Elisa Black-Taylor years ago which at the time she refers to as one of the most important articles she had written. I agree because if kids are torturing cats to death, we have a major problem in society. The case she refers to is a black cat being burned by two girls. The cat survived. I have no idea what happened to the girls. Nothing I suspect. There is a kids killing cats tag as well (more articles). This case is a classic as well representing all casual cat cruelty and torture by kids anywhere.

19 thoughts on “Most notorious cat cruelty cases”

  1. I wonder why cat-people have no problems watching when their cat does this to other defenseless and helpless animals and their equally defenseless and helpless cute offspring, even praising their cats for doing so and thanking their cats when they are “being gifted” by their cats, but they are all in an uproar when it happens to their cats. Hypocrisy-101? I don’t get it.

    http : / / www . liveleak . com / view?i=5e8_1425739036

    • Betty, I hope you are not Woody. If you are it will soon be clear. Thanks for commenting by the way. Maliciously torturing and killing animals for pleasure as deviant/criminal behavior is completely different to an animal killing another animal for food and to survive. Yes, domestic cats don’t need to kill but hunting is hard wired into their DNA over hundreds of centuries. You can’t criticize nature. It is what it is. You can Cristie deviant and criminal human behavior because it is criminal. Without wishing to offend you, I am surprised you can’t see the difference.

      • Humans evolved to be and are genetically defined as a hunter/gatherer species. Born as an omnivore, you were designed by nature to eat meat and kill animals to survive. Why do you figure humans should be different from how cats treat other animals? If it weren’t for the first flint-knapped spear and hunters you wouldn’t even be here today. In fact, all of civilization around you exists because of all those humans that hunted animals and killed them before you were even here. Why is it different for a human to tear apart a cat than for a cat to tear apart another animal–whether for food or fun? Cats mostly doing it just for fun, because, as you say, it is hard-wired into their DNA–just as it is for humans.

        Where is the difference?

  2. You really are a piece of work in your pathetic world the cats are responsible for all things bad and should all of a sudden not be carnivores and not eat really do need help..humans have a choice whether to eat meat or not cats don’t,you wanker.

      • Its okay,there are some people that will never learn and woody is one of them.I really enjoy receiving the POC emails and reading and making comments.keep up the great work Michael

        • Thanks Alison, I am sensitive to the sensibilities of some visitors who find Woody’s comments offensive. I am pleased you can deal with him. Personally I want to educate him – a foolhardy objective – and if that fails to hit him very hard 😉 .

  3. All “CAT SERIAL KILLERS” of the First World Country’s.Gruesome .I wonder if a survey or research has been done on whether “Animal Abusers” later developed into human murderers or criminals.

    • That’s because they are “dinner” in 2nd and 3rd-world countries. Only civilizations of “1st-world” countries are so psychotic that they think cats’ lives are above the lives of all other lives on earth, including those of humans. And consequently then perceive any death of any cat as “animal abuse” and “animal cruelty”. One of the drawbacks of civilizations that have lived too close to pavement all their lives — they’ve lost touch with nature and the real world. Many refer to this degenerative perception and societal malady as being “pavement brained”. (Understandably, this is also the beginning of the “fugue stage” of civilizations, just before their inevitable collapse because they’ve lost touch with reality and the real world.)

        • Michael, isn’t it amazing that the trolls who live in their own little world (and their mom’s basement, no doubt) are always the ones who claim that everyone else has “lost touch with reality and the real world”?

    • It is said that most if not all serial killers of humans first started their killings on innocent animals.that’s another reason why animal killers and abusers should be locked up for a very long time.they are a risk to humans and animals,they shouldn’t be free to walk the streets.

  4. And now for the real stories:

    “The Miami-Dade Cat Mutilator” – Charged but found not-guilty. They died from animal attacks. Just another one of the many witch-hunts by psychotic cat-“lovers” who are looking to blame another person for the death of their cat. When in reality the one that let their cat roam-free is the one who killed it through criminal-neglect and being criminally-irresponsible.

    “The Black Bag Case” – Final results: A TNR practitioner who believed that he shouldn’t contaminate the soil with his own dead cats after all his cats died from loving and humane “TNR attrition” (i.e. ran-over by cars, drank antifreeze from gutters, attacked by dogs, succumbed to oozing and festering infections; you know, all those loving and humane ways that all stray cats inevitably die — “attrition”)

    “The Boy Video Torturer” – Death by hypoxia (loss of oxygen) is one of the most humane forms of euthanasia to date. Educate your paranoid, ignorant, and psychotic selves. See: BBC – “Horizon – The Science of Killing”.

    “Westberry” – Interestingly, more cats die at the hands of those who claim to love them than all other humans alive on the planet. If you let them roam free you kill them from being just that irresponsible and neglectful. Your cats are of no greater value to you than a bit of toilet-paper blowing in the breeze. You care just as much about what happens to that toilet-paper as you do your “loved” cats. And, by doing so, you teach all others that that is precisely what they are worth to everyone, including yourselves — no more than yesterday’s detritus.

    “The Veterinarian Bow and Arrow Cat Killer” – She was perfectly within her legal rights, and that cat died humanely. Whether you agree or not on what is or is not a “humane” method for an animal to die, I assure you that bow-hunters are far more humane to any animal that they kill with a bow & arrow than people who “love” cats and let them roam free to die hundreds of heinous and inhumane ways, often suffering to death for days and weeks — content in their blissful ignorance borne of “out of sight, out of mind” (with a heavy-helping on the “out of mind” portion).

    “Woodsman001 aka Jim Stevenson” – It has never been confirmed nor proved that they are both the same person. He only claims that you are helping because it makes it even that more difficult for you to find the real one. You also error in claiming that he kills cats by the dozens. He claims that he killed them by the hundreds, and always needing only 1 bullet per cat. One story he sometimes shares (rather interesting) describes how one cat died so fast, in mid-bound, that it didn’t even have time to bleed-out onto the snow on the ground. This is far more humane than even veterinarian and animal-shelter methods.

    “Kids Killing Cats” – Speaking of children: People who let cats roam free should also be investigated by Family-Services & Social-Services if they have any children. If people see their cats as family members, and then let them roam free to be hit by cars, lap up antifreeze in gutters, or get killed by animal attacks; this does not bode well for them being responsible for ANY other lives in their care. They are already in direct violation of all animal-neglect, animal-abandonment, and animal-endangerment laws on all the books in every county of every state. As well as being in direct violation of all national and international invasive-species laws by not keeping their invasive-species cat contained at all times.

    Are these criminally-negligent cretins who treat their “family” like this going to tell their toddlers to go play in the freeway and then blame the cars for their children’s deaths too? Not long ago a toddler died in a waterway after the parents let it wander off on its own, the parents blamed the water.

    No doubt their very own children are just as expendable as their “family” cats.

    Someone who lets cats roam free are showing signs of being incapable of responsibly taking care of ANY other lives — even a pet goldfish. They need to be investigated for all facets of their lives. Children need to be removed from the homes of any and all such criminally-negligent and criminally-irresponsible caretakers for the children’s own safety.

    On top of that, they don’t even care about the safety and well being of anyone else in the world. Do you know how many fatalities and lifelong debilitating injuries have been caused by vehicular accidents from people trying to avoid hitting a free-roaming cat? There needs to be a new bumper-sticker: “SAVE A LOVING FAMILY OF 4 — FLATTEN A CAT”

    Free-roaming-cat-advocate = 100% certifiable sociopath/psychopath.

  5. Michael, some of your Blogs give me nightmares! I don’t consider myself to be an Ostrich but there are some things that happen in the world that I don’t want too much information about. Knowing that they happen is bad enough.


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