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The most popular cartoon cats are listed below. How do I know? I created a comprehensive page on the cartoon cats about 6-7 years ago. For many years it ranked at the top of page one of Google search results. It still ranks very highly with some search engines (update: it no longer ranks well but the page allowed me to collect data). On the page is a poll. The image below shows the results of the poll.

Cartoon cats poll results
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As the poll is not in descending order here are the results. Remember the ranking is based on real data from cat cartoon aficionados, not estimates:

  1. Garfield
  2. Tom of Tom and Jerry
  3. Sylvester the Cat
  4. Top Cat
  5. Pink Panther
  6. Aristocats
  7. Felix the Cat
  8. Heathcliffe
  9. Fritz the Cat
  10. Mr Jinks
  11. Claude Cat
  12. Cattanooga Cats

My personal favorite is Tom of Tom and Jerry. The series was very popular when I was growing up. I feel that our age influences our choice. Younger people will choose cartoon cats that are more modern.

The great days of cartoon cats appear to be over. The earliest cartoon cat amongst this group is Felix the Cat, first appearing in 1919. Garfield the most recent first aired on 18th June 1978. That’s quite a long time ago (36 years).

Perhaps there are more recent cartoon cats that I have omitted but I would very much doubt that the classic cartoon cat characters listed can be beaten for popularity. Do you have a favorite? If so please add to the votes using the poll below, which is still live.

What makes a successful cartoon?

One of the most memorable aspects of the earlier cartoons, perhaps the golden age of cartoons in the middle of the 20th century, is that the quality of the drawings appears to be higher than today. So for me, the quality of the cartoon is very important (today there is CGI but this creates a different quality). In addition, of course, you have to have great characters. And then there is the plot. Great story lines are a basic necessity to success.

The Tom and Jerry characters are excellent in my opinion. The stories are memorable and I frankly miss them. They are memories of a bygone era for me.

Vote For Your Favorite Cartoon Cat(s)
Top Cat
Sylvester the Cat
Tom of Tom and Jerry
Mr Jinks
Felix the Cat
Fritz the Cat
Cattanooga Cats
Claude Cat
The Pink Panther free polls

There is plenty of information on the cartoon cats on the page linked to at the top of this page.

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5 thoughts on “Most Popular Cartoon Cats”

  1. “What’s Michael?” written by Mr. Kobayashi. I’m still waiting for the next release, Michael. (would you mind nudging him just a little, please?). Do you remember this series? My daughter has them all. It was my favorite!?

  2. Thanks for documenting this information Michael, a collectors item for cat lovers.My favourite is “Tom & Jerry” followed by “Garfield”.My orange tomcat “Matata” does resemble “Garfield”.In the “Internet ” era and “Youtube” it seems that the fictional “CARTOON CAT” has all but disappeared with freak cats become real life sensational “Cartoon Cats”.”GRUMPY CAT”,”Maru(Scottish Fold cat from Japan)” and “Lil Bub” are three of the most famous internet stars that have replaced the fictional “Cartoon cats” and made their owners millionaires in the process.
    A link to the list of modern day “Internet Star cats” :-

    1. Nice point Rudolph. I agree that the cartoon cat has been replaced by the celebrity cat on YouTube and on the ground. Tom & Jerry is the best for me. I remember them. That quality has disappeared as has the cartoon cat.

  3. Great information Michael. I hadn’t seen the earlier page; glad I looked at that also! I guess my favourite is The Aristocats, because there are actually a whole range of cat characters in the movie. I have the DVD and played it for the first time a few weeks ago for my little three-year old niece. Since then she has been singing ‘Everybody wants to be a cat’. I say get them while they’re young!

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