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  1. “What’s Michael?” written by Mr. Kobayashi. I’m still waiting for the next release, Michael. (would you mind nudging him just a little, please?). Do you remember this series? My daughter has them all. It was my favorite!💕

  2. Thanks for documenting this information Michael, a collectors item for cat lovers.My favourite is “Tom & Jerry” followed by “Garfield”.My orange tomcat “Matata” does resemble “Garfield”.In the “Internet ” era and “Youtube” it seems that the fictional “CARTOON CAT” has all but disappeared with freak cats become real life sensational “Cartoon Cats”.”GRUMPY CAT”,”Maru(Scottish Fold cat from Japan)” and “Lil Bub” are three of the most famous internet stars that have replaced the fictional “Cartoon cats” and made their owners millionaires in the process.
    A link to the list of modern day “Internet Star cats” :- http://www2.wayn.com/stories/article/1663/biggest-internet-cat-stars

    • Nice point Rudolph. I agree that the cartoon cat has been replaced by the celebrity cat on YouTube and on the ground. Tom & Jerry is the best for me. I remember them. That quality has disappeared as has the cartoon cat.

  3. Great information Michael. I hadn’t seen the earlier page; glad I looked at that also! I guess my favourite is The Aristocats, because there are actually a whole range of cat characters in the movie. I have the DVD and played it for the first time a few weeks ago for my little three-year old niece. Since then she has been singing ‘Everybody wants to be a cat’. I say get them while they’re young!

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