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Florida woman is devastated and plans to sue after cat dies when termite control company arrived too early

cat killed poison

A St. Petersburg, Florida woman is devastated and says a termite control company is responsible for the death of her cat because they showed up earlier than the time agreed on in the contract. Caroline Stadler found termites in her … please continue reading

Sister and brother rescue cats separated by shelter cried for each other incessantly

Sibling cats separated at shelter and they cried for each other

This long-winded video demonstrates that shelters should keep close siblings together whenever appropriate. This is an example of separation anxiety not of a cat missing his human caretaker but of one cat missing another. Although the video is teased out … please continue reading

Introducing yourself to an unknown domestic cat in or outside the home

introducing yourself to a cat

Some thoughts on introducing yourself to an unknown domestic cat in or outside the home. Cat calls the shots I frequently meet domestic cats on the sidewalk (pavement) where I live. If I approach them I do so deferentially. As … please continue reading

Notre Dame burning = €1 billion in 24 hours. Animal shelters, animals dying = €0.

The one billion euro donations to rebuild Notre Dam is an insult to more worthy charities. Francisco Seco/AP

Being a passionate advocate of animal welfare and particularly the people involved in animal welfare including of course animal shelters, it is galling to see pledges totally one billion euros from Europe’s super rich to repair and rebuild Notre Dame … please continue reading