Single or Group Housing at Cat Shelters?

Cat bites shelter worker. What to do?

Please read a page about reducing cat stress at shelters. Cat shelters interest me because cat rescue interests me and lots of cats end up at cat shelters. The question that arises for shelter owners, employees and animal control people … please continue reading

Why the Washington DC cat count is money well spent

Feral cat wants to be looked after

You have probably heard about the $1.5 million Washington DC project to count all the cats, namely domestic, feral and strays and those in shelters. On this scale, it’ll be the first of its kind. It’s important because to the … please continue reading

Katy P’s health continues to improve

Katy P recovering

At at July 20th: This is another update on the improved health of Katy P, the long-haired tabby cat injured by a firecracker . She is living at the Richland County Humane Society having left the Phillips Animal hospital. She … please continue reading

Japanese artist crafts incredibly realistic cats with felted wool

Wakuneco sells her work via Yahoo! The quality is stunning. She’s a genuine artist. These embedded videos are from her Instagram account. You can see more there. 昨日はたくさんのフォローとコメントありがとうございます🙇‍♀️✨ お返事前にすみません💦 ・ ・ チャーくんの全体像です❤️ ・ ・ #handmade #needlfelt #needlfelting #woolfelt #cat … please continue reading

He told his veterinarian his cat was choking on glue but there was tape around his cat’s neck

Madman killed his cats

This outwardly respectable health care executive appears to be demonstrating psychotic behaviour. His name is Ryan McCuskey. Allegedly he has a recent history of cat cruelty. In mid-May he walked into an animal hospital in Del Ray, Alexandria with his … please continue reading