Killed too soon: Sampson County Animal Shelter fined $4,800 by state of NC for multiple violations

According to a March 23 report on, Sampson County Animal Shelter faces a $4,800 fine issued by the state of North Carolina after 15 animals were killed too soon, including eight cats. The state required a 72-hour holding period. … please continue reading

Are our smartphones listening to us in order to recommend pet products?

Facebook spying

Are our smartphones listening to us in order to recommend pet products? Or any products, for that matter. The answer may surprise you. According to a May 2016 post by, Facebook has admitted their app does listen in “but only as … please continue reading

Cat food contains too much phosphorus causing kidney damage

Cat who had chronic kidney disease (CKD)

A scientific study shows that the levels of phosphorus in commercially prepared cat food (particularly in wet cat food) contains an average five times the amount required to keep cats healthy and because of this it can have a detrimental … please continue reading