Immediate rescue from Georgia shelter needed for cat found shot twice in Gwinnett County

UPDATED November 6, 2017 Posted on Jude’s thread by Urgent Cats at Gwinnett County Animal Shelter “Jude was rescued but his injuries per Ct scan showed a severed spine. We thank them for trying and hope Gwinnett County cruelty officer … please continue reading

Harnett County Animal Shelter improving policy after 59 cats were euthanized in June due to panleuk exposure

The Harnett County Animal Shelter in North Carolina is improving policy and procedures after 59 cats were euthanized in June due to panleukopenia (AKA panleuk) exposure. PoC covered the tragic story here and here. Harnett County Interim Assistant County Manager Brian … please continue reading

Missouri city in the process of getting a contract with a “private agency” to get rid of stray and feral cats

An ordinance is being considered in Perry, Missouri that could mean death to stray and feral cats. This is one we have time to stop, politely and through education on the vacuum effect of cats. Perry City Hall was recently … please continue reading