Abandoned pets: NC Animal Control Director states ‘what we found was almost beyond belief’

Cat in cage

When Columbus County Animal Control responded to a report of abandoned dogs just outside of Whiteville on New Britton Highway Saturday morning, what they found was almost beyond belief. It’s believed the people living in the Eastern North Carolina home … please continue reading

FIV+ cat lands a job as ‘cat ambassador’ to Castle and Key Distillery

Say hello to Castle and Key Distillery’s first ever cat ambassador. Located in Frankfort, Kentucky, the business has recognized the value of a resident cat to help to keep down the rodent population. This is the story of an FIV … please continue reading

Tinder urges users not to post pictures of themselves posing with tigers

Under pressure from animal rights activists, Tinder, the mobile dating app has urged users not to post photographs of themselves posing with tigers. This is a success for animal advocates. It pleases me. If we could only get trophy hunters … please continue reading

Odenton Veterinary Hospital justifies the “euthanasia” of Oliver the cat


The Odenton Veterinary Hospital has provided a statement explaining why they “euthanized” Oliver the cat while at their hospital. The reason for the statement is because the story went viral and they have been attacked online. It is said that … please continue reading