Does the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 protect the identity of children who abuse animals?

I got the idea for this article when PoC owner Michael Broad messaged me after I sent him the link to a story involving a young boy who was showing off kill after shooting a cat. I told him it … please continue reading

NC: ‘Due to some negative feedback regarding a particular rescue, the shelter does not feel confident in posting cats any longer’

Due to negative comments on a particular cat rescue, Facebook: Friends of Davidson County Shelter Cats will no longer be posting photos of stray or owner-surrendered cats on their community page. The Davidson shelter is located in Lexington, North Carolina. The … please continue reading

Is the BRAN test suitable for a veterinarian’s client?

Cat at veterinarian's

Doctors’ patients should question their doctor on the drugs and treatments offered using the BRAN test. The aim is to reduce overmedication and decrease interventions. GP patients like to come away with something when they visit their GP’s surgery. Often … please continue reading