The importance of knowing the “birthdate” of your cat when picking up cat medication at a U.S. pharmacy


This true story actually happened this week to my friend Helen. I thought it interesting (and somewhat amusing) and wanted to share it with all of you. The point of this article is to encourage cat parents (and cat grandparents) … please continue reading

Pet Rescue and Adoption Act – Assembly Bill 485

The Pet Rescue and Adoption Act is a bill (proposed legislation being debated by the legislators) which extends to the entire state of California a law which has been in place in Los Angeles since 2012, namely, an obligation on … please continue reading

In Los Angeles you will be able to keep a pet cat or dog that you find

LA Animal Services

An extraordinary proposal has been made by the general manager of animal services in Los Angeles, Brenda Barnette. On 23 May 2017 her proposal was approved by the Animal Services Commission. Her proposal is that if a person finds someone’s … please continue reading