Good Samaritans rescue newborn kittens and deliver them to local veterinarian

A group of Good Samaritans spent Wednesday morning being heroes for a family of newborn kittens. The crew at Hawks Motorsports (a company that specializes in all GM Performance Parts & Restoration) in Easley, South Carolina came across a mama … please continue reading

Easter Dangers To Pets

Top Easter Cat Hazards

With Easter weekend quickly approaching, here are some of the top hazards to our pets. Keep in mind there are many more hazards. The ones below are associated with the holidays where a lot of chocolate is present. Please feel … please continue reading

Facebook ‘flagged’ 2 posts against declawing in my anti-declawing group

Declawing post

On April 10, I was sent a message via Facebook about a “flagged” post needing my approval in my closed declawing group. I thought a member of the group had reported the post as ‘spam.’ I may be wrong. It … please continue reading

Fashion retailers in Britain launch investigation into real fur being used in faux fur products

Fashion retailers in Britain have launched an investigation into their products after products advertised as faux fur were found to contain cat, raccoon dog, and rabbit fur. The import and sale of domestic fur from cats and dogs have been … please continue reading