Domestic violence continued for more than 4 months; family cat beaten to death

A Kentucky man remains in jail without bond after he beat a cat to death with a baseball bat then held his family at bay with a loaded rifle. A warrant was issued Thursday and executed on Friday for Brently … please continue reading

Rapaport complains bitterly about the removal of his famous cat video

Rapaport complains about the removal of his famous cat video

Instagram have removed Michael Rapaport’s video commentary on Wilfred the inbred Persian and he is livid. Wilfred has taken the internet by storm. Strange looking cats do. But there is a moral dimension which Rapaport missed. Rapaport, in his effing … please continue reading

P-64: Mountain lion famous for crossing Los Angeles’ freeways found dead after surviving the Woolsey fire

A mountain lion famous for crossing Los Angeles’ freeways 101 and 118 has been found dead more than two weeks after he survived the Woolsey fire, National Park Service officials announced Friday. The 4-year-old male, P-64 was one of 11 … please continue reading

Cat and dog BFF’s were adopted from the shelter together. Now they play all day long

Chico the dog and Coco the cat both suffered abuse before ending up at an animal shelter together before being adopted into their forever home together in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. When Margaret Freitas and her husband Francisco Frietas went … please continue reading

It’s soothingly spiritual to watch Jun Yoshizuki make French toast with his cats observing

Cats and cooking

Uhmm, there is something soothingly spiritual in watching this video. Two of Jun’s cats watch him prepare high quality French toast with elegant precision. The key is the quality of the baguette. This guy is a very precise and dextrous … please continue reading