California man relocates his feral colony and is “giving back” to the rescue who took them in

Man rescues feral cats

Joe Fonseca spent 20 years feeding the feral cats who gathered in the parking lot outside of his office. But when Joe decided to retire, things quickly went downhill: until he came up with a plan. Now his cats are … please continue reading

New Jersey State Assembly vote 43-10 to criminalise declawing

I feel that America is chipping away at declawing. It is happening bit by bit. It is a slow process. It’s bound to be slow because it took years for this objectionable operation to become part of the culture of … please continue reading

Petition signatures needed to seek maximum sentence for animal-abusing NC couple

Black cat

Petition signatures are needed to seek the maximum sentence for the animal-abusing North Carolina couple who abandoned 16 cats in November, 2016. This PoC article will bring you up to date as to what happened to the cats, and this … please continue reading