Fire and Rescue called out to try and save a cat strangled in a reclining chair

A cat died after becoming trapped in the mechanism of a reclining chair. Apparently, the cat’s owner was adjusting the chair while watching television. Kent Fire and Rescue were called out to Vincent Gardens, Sheerness, and around 6:30 pm on … please continue reading

Florida Restaurant and Wildlife Conservation Foundation Join Together to Exploit Exotic Wild Kittens

Geoffroy's kittens

Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation have some Geoffroy’s cats at their sanctuary. They’re based in Florida. They are a not-for-profit organisation. They are dependent upon donations. They are described by Big Cat Rescue as a “pseudo-sanctuary” which in their view … please continue reading

Florida firefighters and animal hospital join forces to save kitten with its paw stuck in a drain cap

A group of firefighters have once again come to the rescue of a helpless kitten. This is a story with a happy ending that brings to mind “it takes a village” as to how the kitten was finally saved. It … please continue reading