Two-year-old Ragdoll cat had never been brushed which destroyed her coat

Misty, a two-year-old Ragdoll cat, had never been brushed in her life – meaning vets at Blue Cross animal hospital in London spent more than an hour clipping her fur which weighed 200 grams. Ragdoll cats are purebred and a … please continue reading

Nathan Winograd’s No Kill Advocacy Center Reviews US Statistics On American Shelters

The No Kill Advocacy Center has just completed a review of nationwide statistics regarding the intake and disposition of animals in American shelters. Nathan is, as far as I’m concerned, America’s foremost advocate of rescue cats and dogs fighting to … please continue reading

Eastern European animal traffickers import purebred cats into UK

See video for harrowing scenes that the RSPCA investigators uncovered when they cracked an Eastern European dog trafficking racket. In the UK, the RSPCA have discovered and prosecuted an Eastern European dog and cat trafficking racket. I believe that this … please continue reading