“Nature-Lover” shot dead purebred Oriental Shorthair cat because he believed he was feral

This is in Adelaide, Australia. Kent Wilson saw Spock, a two-year-old, black Oriental Shorthair cat belonging to neighbours, on his 5 acre refuge for native flora and fauna. He shot Spock dead without doing any checks because he observed Spock … please continue reading

Mercury, in a cat rabies vaccine, is dangerous but is it in the vaccine?

We are told that pet owners and veterinarians should use mecury-free rabies vaccines. In fact that applies to any vaccines. This is because mercury is toxic to pets and people (as I understand it). It is used as a preservative … please continue reading

Loyal, Beautiful Cat Won’t Say Goodbye To Elderly Owner Who Went To A Care Home

Elderly Nancy Cowen went to live in a care home (nursing home), Bramley House, some distance from her home. She gave her cat, Cleo, to one of her neighbours. About two weeks into living at the care home, Cleo turns … please continue reading

Forty veterinary hospitals throughout Hillsborough County say that Alley Cat Allies make fraudulent statements supporting TNR

The Hillsborough Animal Health Foundation (HAHF), which is supported by 40 animal hospitals throughout Hillsborough County say, on their website, that the well-known and well-respected Alley Cat Allies make fraudulent statements in support of trap-neuter-release (TNR) programs. That’s quite a … please continue reading