Chavvy Cat Foster Carer Claims Cat has a Severe Personality Disorder but Does He?

scratched hand

This is the story of a domestic cat called Bradley who is said to have a severe personality disorder by her chavvy former foster carer because does not like to be locked up and neither, apparently, does he like people … please continue reading

Incidents at Rowan County Animal Control Lead to Petition to Fire Director Clai Martin

Due to numerous concerns that escalated last week with the critical injury of a cat named Cooper, a petition calling for the firing of Rowan County Control (Salisbury, North Carolina) Director Clai Martin commenced March 13. I’m including three … please continue reading

Is Gum Disease in Cats Partly Responsible for Feline Dementia?

Gum disease in cats

I just have to raise this question and it is just a question. The reason why I am asking the question is because (a) gum disease is common in domestic cats and (b) research indicates that, in humans, Alzheimer’s patients … please continue reading