In Germany Un-neutered Tomcats Will No Longer be Allowed to Roam Free

Stray Cat

The agriculture minister of Germany, Christian Schmidt, has declared that male cats who have not been neutered will not be allowed to leave the family home and roam free. What about unspayed females? I suppose the same rule applies. It … please continue reading

Is Permanently Chaining Cats to Posts Animal Cruelty?

Chained up cats

In the state of Virginia and in the county of Rockingham chaining up a cat permanently outside is not a crime. Therefore, in does not fall under one of the headings of animal cruelty under the laws of either Rockingham … please continue reading

Polish ‘Cat Nurse’ Purrs Sick Rescue Animals Back to Health


This is the story of a black kitten who was rescued by a Animal Rescue Center in Bydgoszcz, northern Poland. After his difficult journey to full recovery having been plagued with a severe upper respiratory infection he returned the favour … please continue reading

State of Tennessee Will Soon Have An Animal Abuse Registry

Tennessee animal abuse registry

In setting a precedent for other states, the legislators of Tennessee have decided that there are to be more certain consequences for harming animals. They decided that if somebody harms an animal they are going to pay for it. This … please continue reading