Facebook Troglodytes Emerge from the Dark Recesses to Start Another Disgusting Animal Cruelty Group

“Pitchfork your Cat for CHARITY” is (was) a Facebook group featuring dozens of horrendous photographs and videos of cats being mauled and tortured. It follows on from another Facebook group which I mentioned in an earlier article called “Halloween cat … please continue reading

PETA has a heart and senior lady cries with joy at her cat’s recovery


Sometimes PETA gives us the impression that they are too tough and uncompromising on animal rights – e.g. their attitude towards feral cats. They almost present to the world a profile of being a tough, business orientated organisation. Perhaps you … please continue reading

Italian Veterinarian and Big-game Hunter Lambasted in a Hate Campaign on Social Media

Italian Veterinarian and Big-Game Hunter Lambasted in a Hate Campaign on Social Media

An Italian veterinarian is mirroring the hunting antics of Dr Walter Palmer, the infamous American, Minnesota dentist who we all know about by now. The Italian veterinarian is Dr Luciana Ponzetto. He has a clinic near Turin. He is seen … please continue reading