Happy Ending For Dog Pictured Being Dragged Along By Rowan County Animal Control Officer

In a recent article by Elisa on the concerns regarding animal welfare at Rowan County Animal Control, a photograph showed a dog being dragged along rough tarmaced ground by his neck with an animal grasper. The person dragging the dog … please continue reading

Stress Relieving Cat Therapeutic Massage Works (It worked for a Hedgehog)

Cat massage

A hedgehog, Derek, lost his spines because of stress-related alopecia caused by an injury. He was found injured in a garden in Bishop’s Stortford, UK. He recovered from his injuries but began to lose his spines. He was taken to … please continue reading

New Cat Personality Test Helps You to Become a Better Owner

Feline personality test

We know that cats have individual personalities just like people. Over the years various cat behaviour experts have broken down the domestic cat’s personality into various headings so that we can better understand our cat. Researchers at the University of … please continue reading

Cats Used in Child Custody Wars During Divorce

children and toxoplasmosis

When a couple are married, the domestic cat is a member of the family, cherished and loved, often particularly strongly by the children of the family. When a couple are divorcing, the cat or the dog sometimes becomes a “possession” … please continue reading

Couple Adopt Dying 21-year-old Cat to Make his Final Days as Full as Possible

Tigger on the beach!

This is a two-way story (both cat and humans benefit) and it is a warm, generous story of love. Tigger has a bucket list of things to do before he dies. He was given the list by two loving owners … please continue reading