Two women on two occasions recount seeing kittens dumped from moving vehicles on Michigan roads

Lucky a cat rescued from road after being dumped from moving truck

These are personal accounts by two unrelated women both of whom have seen kittens thrown from moving vehicles during kitten season in Michigan state, USA. Their first hand experiences recounted in their own words paint a clear but horrific picture … please continue reading

Animal shelter killed all 46 hoarded cats on day they were rescued and described as a ‘killer of innocent animals’

Hamilton Township animal shelter

State investigators of Hamilton Township Animal Shelter & Adoption Center found a catalogue of two dozen deficiencies. They also discovered that the shelter killed all 46 cats recovered from a hoarder on the day they were rescued. The Township Health … please continue reading

Connection between dry food and an increased risk of feline diabetes

Does dry cat food cause feline diabetes?

People ask Dr Google: ‘does dry cat food cause diabetes?’. For me the answer can be found from two sources (1) a study published on 1st December 2016 ‘Environmental Risk Factors for Diabetes Mellitus in Cats‘ and (2) a book … please continue reading