Cat photos: one enormous Maine Coon and one strange black-and-white coat

This is another very impressively large Maine Coon cat. I don’t know his name. I don’t know where the photograph was taken either. Perhaps someone can hekp? What you can see from the photograph is that his face is about … please continue reading

Police officer puts an injured cat in barbed wire out of his misery with a hammer

Freddy a cat killed by a police officer with a hammer

This is a cat story from the United States, specifically Greater Lewis County in Washington.  Freddy was an outdoor cat.  He was trapped in barbed wire on top of a fence (the barbed wire was illegal, I believe). Freddy’s caretaker … please continue reading

New federal act prohibiting crush videos deemed to be constitutional and effective

This is the rather tortuous saga of attempts to create a law in the USA which prohibits the making of crush videos for distribution and profit.  Anyone and everyone knows instinctively and without question that crush videos are an horrendously … please continue reading