No longer any need to test cosmetics on animals

L’Oréal should be congratulated for their intention to use 3D printing technology to create samples of human skin for testing cosmetics. The point that I wish to make is that there are many cosmetics companies which at the date of … please continue reading

Cat burned in house fire befriends and supports many other animals at veterinary hospital

Russell a tabby cat supports dog at vet hospital

The is a gloriously optimistic and charming story. Russell, a ginger tabby, was badly burned in a house fire. He lost his ears which tells you how bad it was. He has been at a North Carolina hospital, Animal Emergency Hospital … please continue reading

Government Plans to Seize All Tigers From Thailand’s Cruel Tiger Temple

The now famous Tiger Temple is a Theravada Buddhist temple in western Thailand. It was founded in 1994. A tourist site states that there are 167 tigers there. It is run by buddhist monks. It looks totally kosher. Monks and tigers … please continue reading