Jackie Kennedy’s Role in Leopard Fur Craze

The leopard fur craze took off in the 1960s. This was a time of confidence when a person could display their wealth and it was also a time when there was far less sensitivity towards conservation particularly with respect to … please continue reading

Cat Owners like Masculinity and Femininity in their Domestic Cats

I do not think that enough attention is given to what I consider to be an important aspect of our relationship with domestic cats, which is that cat caretakers (aka ‘cat owners’) partly like cats because of their male or … please continue reading

Cats bring back prey to their human owners to train them. True or False?

Perhaps, the jury is out on the reason why hunting domestic cats sometimes bring half-alive prey back to their caretaker/owner’s home. If we are to find the answer in wild cat behavior, the scenario of our family home and an … please continue reading