February is National Pet Dental Health Month: Prevention is better than cure

Emphasizing the importance of keeping our pets’ teeth and gums healthy, the American Veterinary Medical Association, along with several veterinary groups sponsor the month of February as National Pet Dental Health Month. Regular dental checkups are essential in order to … please continue reading

Veterinarian laughs when his assistant throws the amputated claws of the cat at him during the operation

Ruth, one of the country’s staunchest advocates against declawing, forwarded a couple of photographs to me of a red, spotted tabby-and-white cat being declawed together with a photograph of the cat after being declawed. The screenshot is below. Jim, a … please continue reading

Australia To Begin the Extermination of Millions of Feral Cats With Poison Pellets

Yes, it is finally beginning. Having talked about it for ages, the Australian authorities have decided to embark upon the mass extermination of what they consider to be their arch enemy: the feral cat. The cat that they themselves created. … please continue reading