Multi-cat household – can you cope and are you managing well?

Are you able to look after lots of cats? Do you fail to cope sometimes? Or are you unconcerned? Looking after a group of cats brings extra responsibilities and demands, which may be beyond the capabilities and motivation of their … please continue reading

Two shoddy roadside zoos – Natural Bridge Zoo, VA and Tiger Safari in Tuttle, OK

Two shoddy roadside zoos – Natural Bridge Zoo, Natural Bridge, Virginia, and Tiger Safari in Tuttle, Oklahoma have been investigated by The HSUS. One of my pet hates is the American roadside zoo and I apologise to Americans for saying … please continue reading

Can cats really be helped in an unfriendly Internet? Always smile from the wrists down.

When frustrated cat owners want to know how to deal with their cat’s “bad behavior”, or try to learn more about their kitty’s health; to get their questions answered many people frequently turn to the Internet to take advantage of … please continue reading

Minimizing Risks for the Outdoor Cat

For the cat allowed to go into the exciting outdoors, there are many dangers and there are ways to minimize them. Here are some suggestions. Train your cat to come when called. The thought of this might put some people … please continue reading