UK: Legal powers to stop dogs causing distress to others including chasing cats

Your neighbour keeps dogs and they bark incessantly causing you distress. Your neighbour is a complete pain-in-the-butt. Starting Monday 20th October 2014, in the UK, you can do something about it. New laws coming into force, Monday, will give powers … please continue reading

Cat Containment Tips

We can see the gradual trend towards domestic cat confinement inside people’s homes and backyards in Australia.  In support of that trend and in further encouragement of it, RSPCA Australia has provided information entitled ‘cat containment tips’ within a document … please continue reading

DIY cat enclosure under construction Islamabad, Pakistan!

Good day Michael. Here is the video of LAILA’s cage. The work is still in progress. I am making the cage with the art of DANMARK handicraft style, which is making the furniture in parts instead of in single pieces. … please continue reading

Attitude shift in Australia to confining domestic cats 24/7

Australians are beginning to believe that domestic cats should be confined to the home and yard 24/7. Laws are changing attitudes. The signs are that there is an attitude shift amongst Australian citizens towards laws that confine domestic cats to … please continue reading