Tina Briggs rescues and rehomes 15 feral kittens and cats

Black Earth, WI, USA: with the help of colleagues Dan and Judy, Tina Briggs saved, restored to health, spayed, neutered and re-homed, fifteen feral kittens and cats who were living in the local, disused Black Earth Feedmill. Living nearby she … please continue reading

Tranquillizer Darts Killing Mountain Lions

In the news media today there are two cases of captured mountain lions dying. They were not so much captured as killed and what killed them was tranquillizer darts. Are tranquillizer guns being used properly in the capture of mountain … please continue reading

Hush Hush Kitten Dumping

This is an instructional video, I feel because the cat rescue lady in the video says that people put kittens in plastic bags and chuck the bag away (out of the car window seems to he the new fad) but … please continue reading

Pakistan: Ahsan ul Haq – caretaker of a colony of feral cats

By Ahsan ul Haq I am a caretaker of a colony of 21 feral cats and a few of their kittens. I have gone through a terrible experience with 4 abandon kittens and out of which only one is left. One … please continue reading